Blood without pain

My AF is confusing me!!

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Blood without pain

Postby mybuttholehurts » 27 Mar 2017, 19:25

Hey folks. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have a question regarding blood amount while healing an AF. First a little history...

Im a 32 year old male. I was diagnosed with an AF just over two years ago. Its been bothering me on and off for the whole time, with the longest period of relief being only a few days between flare ups. I think its safe to say its chronic. Doctor says there is a sentinel pile down there, with the AF adjacent to it. First CRS had me taking nothing but metamucil. He lasted a few weeks. Next CRS had a look and said there is an obvious AF, pile, but might be a fistula as well. He put me on diltiazem about 5 weeks ago, i see him again in one week.

The diltiazem is OK, but not quite sure its working. Every 3 or so days I'd have a painful BM, blood, then throbbling pain for about 24-36 hours (even with the cream application and sitzing).

I found my sweet spot in fiber/water intake with PEG3350 and dulco softeners. I've been on a good run, however today i had a really nice and soft BM (almost perfect for the AF/hem surfferers) but it caused bleeding! Strange thing is, no pain!!? I thought "I'll take it", but why... why blood from a nice and soft BM? I've never experienced it. Usually it goes BM, pain, blood. Repeat.

Now my question(s). Does the presence of blood after a BM always mean a setback in healing? I mean, obviously a retear is bad, but why would it bleed from a soft movement and not be painful at all? Is blood there at allbthe possibility that blood can ever be a good sign? We all know that the key to healing these things is to promote blood flow to the area. So could blood but absence of pain be a sign of healing or does the presence of blood always mean tear or negative progress?

Any info/help/personal experiences welcome. Thanks!
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Re: Blood without pain

Postby struggling79 » 27 Mar 2017, 20:40

I've been treating my fissure for 9 weeks and I've been keeping a journal of my healing. I'd say for the first 5-6 weeks, I would experience some random bleeding. It never really set me back as far as healing goes or meant that I was going to be in more pain. Bleeding lessened significantly when my bm became softer thanks to Miralax.

Hope this was helpful!
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