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Calling all Canadians

Postby Yishai » 11 May 2021, 18:25

So I wanted to try and source a bunch of stories from other Canucks - I have the impression the majority of users here are from the States, where one can waltz into any practitioner's office they please and, provided all parties agree, schedule whatever they want within a reasonable time frame. But not so up north, where everything is about the bureaucracy; referrals, specialists, eternal wait times, etc.

Anyway, I've posted about my own situation in the past which can be found through my profile, so I'm wondering if anyone else here would be so kind as to share their story, experience, advice, recommendations of hospitals/docs/whatever. I'm in Peterborough with a GP at WCH in Toronto who, now in relapse after a symptom-free month, wants me to try to get a handle on things as I did before moving anything along. But since we can't shop around specialists like we ought to be able to, in my opinion, accounts of others would really go a long way.

And perhaps this could just be a resource-sharing place for others in the country. I've looked around RateMDs but you never know which reviews are legit on those kinds of sites. A somewhat direct sharing pool here I feel could be much more valuable.

Hoping all your butts are happy as can be~
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