Can Hemorrhoids cause fissures?

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Can Hemorrhoids cause fissures?

Postby Jimoffy » 15 Nov 2020, 07:47

Hey guys. Have had a fissure problem for 6 years no. I’m 27 and male. Before I got fissures I had suffered from Hemorrhoids on and off.
I’m wondering if having a hemorrhoid can cause or make it easier to develop a fissure.. I had fissures which feel like they where on the sides of my anus, which would sometimes heal due to movicol and then come back if I forgot to take a dose. Either the left side, right side or both.
Had lis done a little over a year ago and all went well. Was looser and able to pass wide hard bms again without pain or blood or anything.. lasted 6 months and now I’m getting recurrences in the same 2 spots again, although thank god there’s no more of that all day pain due to lis.. just pain when passing that can last 5 minutes or so..

Is it normal to get fissures again after lis, and should I do one more lis to make me that little bit looser so hopefully I can get back to the point I was at after my first surgery? And can Hemorrhoids cause fissures? I’m convinced I have Crohn’s or something cause I just don’t know anyone with fissures that don’t go away. My whole family suffered from Hemorrhoids but never had fissures.. I’ve been tested with a colonoscopy.. stool and blood tests.. ct scans and nothing unusual .. but I’ve been having some mild stomach cramps before I poo and loose stools my gp is sure I have ibs. I’m very stressed about my issues cause I’m just worried there’s something more going on..
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Re: Can Hemorrhoids cause fissures?

Postby missy moo » 02 Dec 2020, 14:34

If everything has been checked I wouldn't worry about anything more serious maybe try focus on reducing your stress I say this because I'm a worrier too I think I have something more going on after 7 years of the same fissure coming an going I'll probably get lis next year. Also I do believe hemroids can lead to fissures because the added pressure in the area.
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