Cleaning your bum

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Cleaning your bum

Postby FissureFighter80 » 18 Apr 2016, 10:11

Hi All,

Thought I will share this as I have seen a few posts about using dry toilet paper to clean the bum and then aggravating the symptoms.

I am of Asian heritage and we basically keep some thing like a cheap jug in our bathrooms for washing the bum after BM's.

If you dont have a detachable shower head or a bidet then you can do this:

Fill up a jug with water halfway intially as there is danger of you spilling water every where because lack of balance/practice. After your BM hold the jug in one hand and take it behind your posterior and then tilt the jug so that water starts dropping on your bum area. With the other free hand you can actually rinse the area as well if you want. If you dont want to touch your bum with naked hand then maybe try disposable cheap gloves.

Its an age old way to clean your bum. I normally clean the main residual first with toilet paper and then wash it and then pat it dry with toilet paper.

Bit of a strange thing to share but hoping it would help some one.

All the best :)
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Re: Cleaning your bum

Postby chachacha » 18 Apr 2016, 14:29

I'd also like to add that while some people on this board recommend wet wipes or baby wipes, I find wet toilet paper much more effective. A very soggy wad of toilet tissue can easily mold itself around external piles, is much cheaper than wet wipes and far less rigid (hence the paper getting around external piles or surgical areas more easily).
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