Could it be fissures?

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Could it be fissures?

Postby Roxychic » 24 Mar 2016, 13:26

So I've had anal discomfort on and off for a few months now. I had had hard bowel movements for a bit now, some days better than others. Trying to get more fiber in my diet. During and After these hard bowel movements I notice sharp stinging pain. I took a mirror and upon inspection I notice these tiny cuts on the anal wall. They go away fairly quickly but seem to be a recurring issue for months. Can you have multiple fissures at once? I see quite a few tiny cuts then they go away. Let me know your thoughts, I'm tired of this. Thanks!
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Re: Could it be fissures?

Postby Manitourose » 24 Mar 2016, 13:43

Hey Roxychic,

What you are describing sounds very much like a fissure. More info can be found here: ... nformation

I'd definitely suggest seeing your regular doctor or even a specialist if you don't require a referral. The reason for that is they can quickly diagnosis fissures and may provide ointment or a cream to help increase the healing time. They are also best to listen to your history and what's going on, to help figure out if increasing your fiber, water and so on will help or if they can help you otherwise. Generally in most people fiber and hard stools are the culprit. But surprisingly, dermatological conditions and other reasons may contribute.

Multiple fissures are possible, but usually a specialist is best to determine the cause of multiple fissures. Something could be thinning the skin or your doctor can determine if anything else is going on.

You'll probably see a common theme as you read through the board but sitz baths or regular baths help lessen the pain and increase blood flow to the area for healing, increasing fiber and watching what you eat, increasing water to help with stools and so on.

Other things to consider of what may have changed in the last few months since this started: any new medications, creams for hemorrhoids, using wipes, stress, change in diet or any changes in bowel habits? Just a few things to consider especially if you speak to your doctor, it will help them determine what's going on so you can find relief.
Hope you have less discomfort soon roxychic!
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