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Cure fissure

Postby Advice » 01 Jun 2018, 15:28

First learn how to see your fissure: the posture half-lying (use something to support your back) with bent and spread legs
Put, for example, a turned on side desk lamp between your bent and spread legs so that it lights to your anus and stand a mirror just behind the lamp
........O.............. <-----head
-------|------- ......<-----hands
...../ \.| /\......... <------Legs
_ / ..( )...\_ ..........anus red
........\/ ..........<-----Lamp
.........O .........<-----Mirror

(It is better to use a cosmetic magnifying mirror.)
Then put your palms under buttocks and open anus with fingers. You will see the fissure in the mirror. Now you can see and apply medicine exactly on the fissure. After the toilet, wash anus in the bathtub, then take a mixture of water (1 teaspoon) and hydrogen peroxide 3 % (half teaspoon) into a dropper and wash the fissure with the mixture, half lying in the above posture. (You can hold the dropper in one hand and open the anus with this and the other hand. Find your own ratio of 3% hp and water. Pure 3 % hp is ok on skin. but may burn anus. Sometimes I use several drops of pure 3% hp.) Hydrogen peroxide will faithfully clean the fissure and allow it to be healed. After 5 minutes take some propolis in alcohol solution in the dropper and apply it on the fissure in the same way. At first it burns, but it will pass off soon. I had fissure for about 5 years and cured it in 8-9 days using this method 3-4 times a day. Sometimes the fissure appears again and I cure it again.

Another possible posture is squatting over a mirror and lamp lighting upwards (sometimes I use the flashlight of my mobile phone). Now you have to use a syringe with the needle removed instead of dropper. A problem here is with the propolis which is sticky and it is hard to move the plunger in the plastic barrel. It is better to use 1 ml (the smallest) syringe and to pull the plunger as little as enough to take the minimal needed quantity of propolis (several drops is enough) into the syringe, so that to reduce the sticky area in the barrel of syringe.

Honey seems to have negative effect, so I avoid it.

You should avoid constipation. Drinking 1.5-2 litters of water per day can easily solve this problem. Coffee or strong tea will not do, because it dehydrates your body and worsens the constipation. If you drink 1.5-2 litters of water per day, it is recommended to suck several crumbs of coarse salt after each glass of water, to maintain the needed quantity of salt in your body.

Sphincter tension may cause anal fissure, so one must do something to eliminate the tension.

Sitting is a bad toilet posture, see, eg,

In general, I believe that an excellent health maintaining method is intermittent fasting ... nt-fasting
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