Did I have a LIS?

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Did I have a LIS?

Postby Deleted User 4096 » 29 Mar 2015, 19:36

i k ow that seems like a silly question, but I won't see my doctor for another 10 days and I am curious about it.

A few days ago I went in for surgery for my fistula, exploration with possible fistulotomy and seton placement.

I spoke with one of the doctors after, not the main CRS. He said that they opened up the fistula and it was lower thru the sphincter so they didn't have to put a seton in.

My father said that the CRS told him there was also a tear and they repaired that. I didn't k ow that until I left the hospital and I won't see the CRS until I go back for a checkup.

So if they repaired the tear/ fissure during the fistulotomy, how did they do it? I can only assume a sphincterectomy?
Deleted User 4096

Re: Did I have a LIS?

Postby Broncosgirl » 30 Mar 2015, 20:21

Sounds like possibly a fissurectomy... That's when they cut away scar tissue and cauterize. I imagine you could call the surgeon who did the procedure and he could tell you exactly what he did. I hope you are doing well after whatever was done!
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