Diltiazem/Bethanechol/Lidocaine Compound

Pain 95% Gone, Healing

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Diltiazem/Bethanechol/Lidocaine Compound

Postby DizMktg » 28 Oct 2014, 22:02

I was in such agony for weeks, there were days I could barely function and had to leave work early....I would literally cry from the pain and lack of hope...tried multiple H creams, Cortisol, Medicated Pads, and even resorted to narcotic pain killers when it lasted for hours. Finally gave in and went to the RGS, and I told him I wanted to exhaust other options before resorting to surgery.

He prescribed Diltiazem/Beth/Lido from a Compound pharmacy - and the first time I tried it, the relief was almost instant. Flash forward 3 weeks and the bleeding has ended, I am virtually pain-free, and I have my life back. All I know is it's been a godsend and worked for me like nothing else. Trust me, if nothing else seems to be helping or the pain is unbearable, don't waste your time trying to manage on your own...get to a Doctor and tell him you want/need this prescription....
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Re: Diltiazem/Bethanechol/Lidocaine Compound

Postby Sufferingbadly » 12 Apr 2015, 05:50

Good info! I just started using nifedipine and lidocaine. Was this an acute fissure or chronic? Did you have a sentinel pile or any skin tag that was painful with your experience before you healed? Also were you able to see the fissure or was it internal? Please respond! Thanks!! :)
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Re: Diltiazem/Bethanechol/Lidocaine Compound

Postby Savaici » 12 Apr 2015, 08:33


Sometimes you will not get an answer on older posts, as people come, and then leave as they heal. It is best to make your own thread, or even better to stay on one, as then you will find that more members come to your help.

Your AF is still in the acute stage - the stage where it still has a chance to heal using something like Nifedipine. It is what is known as a calcium channel blocker, and it draws blood to the area to encourage healing. Lidocaine is a pain killer and it is quite okay to use them together.

The skin tag forms where there has been a fissure. Very common happening. Also, it is quite common for doctors, etc., not to see the fissure. It is just the size of a small paper cut sometimes, so who can blame them! So much pain for such a tiny thing.

Hope this helps.
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