Dr says I have an "abrasion"--anyone else have this?

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Dr says I have an "abrasion"--anyone else have this?

Postby AG412 » 15 Mar 2015, 07:23

I posted this in the anal fissure area, but maybe I need to post it here first? I'm new to the boards.

For the last 4 months, I have had an external anal "abrasion", as the proctologist described it. It started because I scratched an itch. It is a split/crack in a little fold of the perianal skin/margin. It is not an open wound, but more of a scrape. It simply will not heal. It hurts all day long. A burning, sore feeling and sometimes, like little knives are cutting me.
It does not hurt during a bowel movement. It starts feeling sore about 45 minutes afterwards and is sore all day. It improves quite a bit at night, only to be irritated again the next morning by b.m.
The proctologist had me use Calmoseptine for 4 weeks. When that did not help, she prescribed nifedipine cream. That gave me headaches, so I"m currently using L-Arginine gel (500 mg/ml), which is supposed to give the same result without the headaches. (I've previously tried olive oil, honey, Desitin, essential oils, collagen gel, Vaseline, A&D ointment, Calendula gel)
I am desperate to keep my stools soft. Currently, I am using Natural Calm & Pedialax. I eat only soft, cooked foods that are not too high in insoluble fiber. Fiber adds bulk, which is NOT helpful for me.
I just had a run of 10 days where I felt much better but one firmer stool irritated everything again.
Has anyone else had an "abrasion"?? I feel like the only person in the world with this & I just want it to HEAL.
If anyone has any thoughts on this, any diet advice, any stool softener advice, etc... PLEASE reply!
Thank you SO much!!!!
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Re: Dr says I have an "abrasion"--anyone else have this?

Postby Manitourose » 28 Mar 2015, 22:48

I wish I could provide more assistance but I don't believe I can. The first CRS I saw described what he felt I was dealing with as an "abrasion" and said basically because I was stressed out while finishing up a graduate program that I was "over wiping". Honestly, I recall sitting afterwards at lunch with my fiance thinking "ok awesome nothing is wrong with me... but what the hell is an abrasion?!?!".
Now mind you, I later learned with other symptoms I had that I had a fistula and I sought out a different doctor at the time. However, I have no doubt the 1st one was right. I just wish I could have asked him to describe it more as I believe it really was a fissure. So I am not sure what your doctor means or what mine meant either. However, the one thing I have learned on this board is that everyone uses or tries similar techniques for a variety of issues whether they be fissures/abrasions or fistulas.
Sounds like you are trying a lot. I also tried the Desitin, A&D and vaseline which the first doctor recommended without much help.. Granted I had a fistula that needed treated and missed so those things weren't about to help my symptoms. Later I dealt with a chronic fissure after my fistula surgery, and the doctors recommended the diltalzim (sp) cream. She also suggested that coconut oil was ok to use when I asked. That and the baths seemed to assist in healing.

I wish you the best.Try to stay calm and get rest too. I know I was so stressed over my various issues I think it actually slowed my healing. You're doing a lot, sometimes it just requires patience... which is really hard to have with this stuff, I certainly can relate! :)
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