Dying w/ anal fissure HELP

Hurts worse than childbirth

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Dying w/ anal fissure HELP

Postby Mojojess3 » 02 Feb 2016, 16:36

This is pain on a new level. Started Friday. (Today Tuesday) my muscles have gone into spasm and nothing is helping- nitro gives me horrible headache (still doing it) just started yesterday - please God how long will this pain last? I can't stand or sit for longer than 6 min with out horrible pain. I have a visit with my procto in 3 days I am going to beg him to do a release or kill me. I can't function. The pain is almost a constant 10/10. I have all the creams 2.5% hydro- 5% lido nothing works. I am taking Tylenol and Motrin round the clock. I have tried homemade turmeric suppositories. This is agony. I can't even convey how exceedingly painful this is- I have given birth naturally to 4 children have had bone surgery and nothing compares to this. When I insert a finger to add the nitro I can feel the second ring of muscle so tight and constricted. Please help. Tell me what worked for you. I cannot live like this.
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Re: Dying w/ anal fissure HELP

Postby chachacha » 02 Feb 2016, 19:24

Are you sure of your diagnosis? I had thrombosed hemorrhoids three times in as many decades and during each episode, I actually wanted to die, because the pain was so EXTREME! With the fissure however, I was in terrible pain 10/10, but it was only after bowel movements and would last for 10 - 15 hours each time. I would then be perfectly okay until the next bowel movement. With the thrombosed hemmies though, the pain DID NOT STOP until the hemorrhoid resolved (which took about a week, after it had reached its peak).

I can totally relate to the pain though, whatever its cause! Nothing worked for me on the pain front, except occasionally after taking two Tylenol 4's at a time. And when those did work (about 50% of the time), they only lessened it down to about an 8/10. Oh, and they even tried Demerol and Morphine (five shots in a row) while I was in emerg, and neither worked for me either, because the pain was just too darned big.

The only thing that helped me though, was a burning hot bath, which really isn't good for either a fissure or the roids, but it was the only thing that alleviated the pain. I spent a full week in the tub each time, eating and sleeping there, and would only exit to use the toilet as needed.

I hope that your pain goes away soon and if not, that your appointment with the doctor does the job.
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Re: Dying w/ anal fissure HELP

Postby Deleted User 4903 » 02 Feb 2016, 21:13

I don't know your medical history but I ended up having surgery after the creams didn't work. The pain afterwards was very minimal and only required pain pills once or twice a day for 3 days.

This is what I found before the surgery that helped to make the pain a little more bearable...

Start taking metamucil once or twice a day as directed on the bottle. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, soda). Limit red meats. Eat plenty of fresh/frozen fruit and vegetables. This will help things move out smoothly with less strain.

Use NON flushable baby wipes to clean up GENTLY.

Invest in a detachable shower head, I bought mine for about $20 at Walmart and installs in minutes.

Take a bath immediately after each bowel movement. Soak in slightly warm water for 20 minutes minimum. This is a must. Use a bath tub, not a sitz bath!

Then spray yourself clean on the weakest setting with slightly warm water.

I hope you find some relief!
Deleted User 4903

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