Finally! I cured it!

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Finally! I cured it!

Postby Yaelleno » 03 Oct 2013, 17:26

I am so glad I got the reminder that the forum was updated, with my new log in info as well as an urge, if healed, to come back and share. I was here many times desperately searching for advice.

I had a particularly bad case, probably three full on deep fissures from surface going a way in. Al three had started at various times making tags, and the oldest fissure's tag got to be about an inch long. The other tags are significantly smaller.

The itching was driving me insane, and this went on for 5 years or so. I eat a really good organic diet, no gluten, healthy fats, clean animals, veggies and fruit. I pooped 3-4 times a day, fairly normal, no constipation or diarrhea. Yet every time I went, I did feel the fissures, and there was always blood, always. No way I was going in for colonoscopies, I knew it wasn't bleeding up in the colon, I knew it was the fissures. I ruined lots of underwear. Poop, rip, heal, poop, rip, heal. Healing itched too! Scratching didn't help but was impossible not to. Horrible vicious cycle. I couldn't bring myself to clean after pooping in a shower or tub - wanted to keep those places germ free for my family. So I would just use the "wet wipes" and sit there for a long time, painstakingly cleaning including all around inside the opening, 4 times a day, thinking that was best, that any remnant of poop would be harmful or itch generating. I was very clean.

Two years ago I had baby number 4. Another cesarean section. Thereafter, I wasn't eating much, and I did not, could not, poop at all. Didn't feel the urge to, though I was waiting, taking stool softeners (as required after abdominal surgery, they don't want us straining). Nothing happened down in the buttal region for 7 days! While I did want to get rid of my wastes at some point, I got excited, thinking-- wow, instead of multiple poops a day, I now went a week leaving that little hold all alone! I wasn't itching - maybe I had healed! Nope. Finally I was back to normal with digestion, and sadly normal for me - the fissures HAD NOT HEALED.

I started looking at the surgery posts and reading about people's experiences. I was scared to death of all the pain I read about. But something had to be done. I couldn't just live like this. I couldn't imagine that other people just go to the bathroom and there is no searing burning. I just grinned and bore it with every poop. I got so used to it.

I should also mention that I do have a dx of lichen sclerosis and did have Clobetosol (sp), the highly toxic steroid ointment, which I used from time to time on the itch but which did not help much. It actually thins that tender skin, even the docs will give it to you, so it makes the skin MORE likely to tear.

Then one day I decided to try what I did for baby when I wiped her. For her, I used soft flannel cloths and dipped them into coconut oil and wiped her privates clean. For me, I used toilet paper and dipped it into the solid like a cream coconut oil and wiped, each stroke with a new wad of TP and new dip into clean coconut oil wide mouth jar. I threw all the used to into a private little lined trash can instead of the toilet, so I could be gentle and take all the time and paper I needed. It felt so good instead of painful. Soft, gentle, and didn't use boxes and boxes of commercial wet wipes, which I find later are also drying and harmful to the skin.

I liked it so much, I kept it up. I didn't know it would heal the fissures; I just liked this new way of getting clean. Instead of raw pain, it was a soft, moist glide and then super clean at the end.

After a week or so, I don't even remember when I first realized it, maybe two weeks? A lightbulb went off in my brain: it doesn't hurt to poop any more! And I couldn't remember recently itching at night either! Say what?!?

I have continued wiping this way for 2 years. I have never not for one second had pain or bleeding or itching of fissures since I started wiping this way. Sadly, if coconut oil remains on your tush after wiping, it can permanently stain your underwear a dingy generic darkness, even though it is colorless. Big whoop. So I buy more underwear now. It doesn't happen that often though.

I have no idea if this will help YOU. but I had deep fissures, I could count 3 of them, and I still have the tags. I believe that instead of growing longer, they have stopped. When the fissures heal they have no reason to grow. I believe now that I was perpetuating the fissures by my diligent wiping and the chemicals in the wet wipes. Perhaps a spray toilet seat would also have helped. But coconut oil is fantastic for skin, and has ONE ingredient. No chemicals. I did buy organic raw coconut oil, and you will want to buy the wide plastic jars, no narrow glass ones, so you can easily use them in the chamber to dip your clean to into. It lasts a long time. It is a very healing product for many things that ail one, and of course it is perfectly edible, though please buy two jars, lol, a separate jar for the kitchen!

I really really hope that it helps others as it helped me. Lucky me, I still have problems in my life, but my butt ain't one!! Finally!! Gd bless you all.
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Re: Finally! I cured it!

Postby Scientist2516 » 03 Oct 2013, 21:00

Thanks for that suggestion, Yaelleno!
I have been wondering about those baby wipes. I'm using the ones without alcohol, but like you, I have to wipe again and again to feel clean, and it does seem like it's not that much better than TP.
I've got a jar of coconut oil, I might try that on my hemmie. I wear a liner on my undies anyway because I'm still using nitro. So the oil shouldn't stain too much.
I'll report back!
Nifedipine/lidocaine, no help
Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
Topical estrogen for final healing.
Gentle heat to bottom - pain relief, muscle relaxant
Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
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Re: Finally! I cured it!

Postby Ever the Optimist » 04 Oct 2013, 17:05

Thanks so much for posting this and updating! It's so good to hear success stories on here.
What really struck a chord here was the way you referred to your baby. Sometimes I think we forget that we also need the tlc we treat our children with and as well as cleaning gently, sometimes we almost need to go back to the way we would gently feed a baby too! That is with respect to a nice soft diet to keep our stools nice and soft too!
Coconut oil is absolutely fabulous stuff. I continue to use it today for any sore moments! Would recommend it to anyone.
It's great to read you are doing so well and long may it continue! X
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