First time anal fissure

Agonizing pain

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First time anal fissure

Postby Cfak » 25 Nov 2016, 17:21

I am so grateful there is a way to talk to others. I really would love some advice.

So it started almost a year ago. I noticed I had blood outside my stool but in the toilet. It was weird cause it tended to only happen around my period. I went to the doctor. After checking, she said I had ano internal hemorrhoid and little fissure. She prescribed medicine which I never took cause my bleeding went away on its own and the medicine wasn't covered

About a month ago i had a lot of pain off and on.

Then 10 days ago it went crazy. I have been on bed since. I can barely stand the pain in bed. I am missing work. I went to the surgion to check. He tried the best he could with the pain I had and saw anal fissure but he said it's not normal to be in so much pain that I need a wheel chair. He is concerned is not anything else. He said wait 6 weeks and come back if it doesn't heal. He will have to put me to sleep and check it.

I am on stool softner, nitroglycerin, and I have tried some natural things such as cocunut oil.

My pain concern is, could my pain mean it is something bigger?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: First time anal fissure

Postby Savaici » 25 Nov 2016, 21:24

Very common symptoms - sadly - of an anal fissure! Like having a calf cramp in the bum. Keep using the nitro as it can help, for at least six weeks. I had
to use a wheelchair when I flew from my home to see a specialist :evil: so don't let your doctor tell you it doesn't happen. I tried everything under the sun and the moon eventually doing dilation which - again eventually - helped me. For a tiny cut, they are incredibly painful for some. A doctor who has not had one just does not know what it's like :affraid: :affraid: :affraid:
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Re: First time anal fissure

Postby annief007 » 26 Nov 2016, 10:00

Okay so firstly this is for all those who are suffering from Anal fissure and/or haemorhoids, the thing that worked for me is cocnut oil, virgin and organic one. It does wonders believe me, apply around your anus and with finger also inside your anus, it will heal your fissure within a week or 2. I never had it before so I was really worried but thank God I found coconut oil. Along with this I had a high fiber diet with All bran flakes in the breakfast with nuts and fruits, and even for lunch and dinner high fiber meals, maybe brown rice or wholegrain foods, oats wholegrain are amazing, also take loads of veggies and water. Do drink fresh/ organic juices and it would heal for sure. Also have regualr bowel movements and when you have the urge go and do it, dont wait. And I am so thankful to God for this since in the beginning after reading thru a few threads i thought it wouldnt ever heal but here I am it does work. Also try taking a few powdered kalonji seeds 'sativa nagiila' seeds in the moring on empty stomach, again it does wonders, and according to the Prophet of Islam Muhammad Peace be upon him, it can cure ever disease except death. Moreover, figs are amazing, 2 figs should be left overnight in water and drink the water next morning empty stomach and also eat the figs, its amazing for fissures/ hemmies.

Now that my fissure has healed I still use coconut oil, but recently I discover that there's something inside my anus some kind of piece of flesh, I donno what it is maybe a haemorrhoid but it doesnt pain or bleed, plus the bowel movements are normal after healing of my fissure, please if somebody could guide me on this, and what should I do? and is it always that a haemorhoid goes worse or it can remain there without causing any issue.
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Re: First time anal fissure

Postby Mypoorbutt » 26 Nov 2016, 10:31

I used coconut oil religiously 3 times a day and after every BM for 6 months I used organic and oxygenated it did nothing to heal my did moisturise it a bit and occasionally ease the burning but never stopped or eased a spasms.
While I'm sure it's great for some if your fissure is deep, long or fairly far inside(you can't see mine without an anoscope) then unfortunately coconut oil doesn't heal only soothes.
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