Fissure, Botox, Recovery

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Fissure, Botox, Recovery

Postby JerInFL22 » 09 Nov 2016, 19:56

Good evening. First time poster here and in advance thank you for your advice.

2-1/2 weeks ago I had a procedure for an anal fissure and what the doctor described as an "enflamed tissue growth" on the outside of the anus. For weeks to months prior to the operation having a bowel movement (BM) was very painful, blood in the bowl and "stabbing" and stinging pain for hours afterwards. I'd have to put toilet tissue between my cheeks multiple times during the day bc blood would continue to happen, or perhaps my butt itself leaking or combo of both.

So I went to the doctor and he recommended either Botox first or do the sphincter procedure which he cautioned could cause incontinence. I'm a 30 year old gay male and I admit that worried me so I opted for the Botox option first.

Fast forward to present day, 2-1/2 weeks later. Doctor removed the growth (non-cancerous), "cleaned up the fissure" he said and did the Botox. I had my 2 week follow up with him 2 days ago and he said it's healing poorly.

I was taking Percocet immediately after the surgery but stopped after a few days because of the constipation.

I take Colace (stool softener, 4 a day) each day, i drink one glass of Metamucil a day, drink what I feel to be a large amount of water per day and I drink 3 tablespoons of mineral oil before bed. The following morning comes and soon after waking I have a BM. Some days are better than others in regards to blood. The pain while going seems to have lessened since before the operation, the stool is soft and passes with ease for the most part. Some days not much blood, some days (like today) there's a lot. I immediately get into a warm bath and sit there for 20 minutes. For hours and hours afterwards the pain (I can only best describe as a pulsing pain, like it almost has a heartbeat of its own) persists and stabbing pains pretty often too. If I have a BM at 10am, typically by 4 or 5pm the pain is minimal and just sporadic stabbing pains. I do repeat my baths 3x a day regardless of the pain level.

The doctor just gave me a cream that I had to have made at a compounding pharmacy... I don't know the exact drug ingredient but is a numbing agent and blood pressure medicine mixed in to promote blood flow to the affected area. The cream has helped, but the pain still exists.

Any tips or tricks I can add to my routine? Any advice on the Botox route I chose versus the spinchter cut procedure? If the Botox route doesn't work, I will do the sphincter surgery.

THANK YOU ALL in advance! Jeremy
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Re: Fissure, Botox, Recovery

Postby Deleted User 5666 » 09 Nov 2016, 23:49

Hi Jeremy,
Like you, I am new to this forum. I had Botox for my AF 8 weeks ago. I will say that at 2.5 weeks I had not healed either and was still very uncomfortable. I was told that Botox takes about 3-4 weeks for the patients to start to "feel" better and 8-12 weeks for full healing. For me, about 4 weeks is when I noticed the pressure lessening and where I really felt like the procedure may work. I will say that about a week after Botox is when I stopped having spasms and was grateful for that; however, still very much uncomfortable from still having the fissure itself. I also had a couple small skin tags removed during Botox so my discomfort may have been the combination.

If you are still having spasms at this point, speak with your crs about it. Maybe Botox isn't the right solution for you. My crs prescribed me muscle relaxers to help while the Botox was still kicking in.

Good luck to you!! And all the sufferers out there!
Deleted User 5666

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