Fissure Healed and 8 things that helped me (and a few ??)

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Fissure Healed and 8 things that helped me (and a few ??)

Postby jis76 » 10 Jul 2019, 10:17

I promised I would update in my last post...

So my worst fissure ever (after dealing with fissures for 15 years) seemed to have healed enough (no pain, no blood). almost 4 weeks of hell is over. Just in time for my CRS appointment tomorrow. Still going to the appointment to to have them check on things, and ask some questions about LIS in case it still might be in the cards.

So what worked for healing this time around, in my order of what I think helped most.

#1 -- My water intake was not where it should be, this was the biggest factor on me healing again. I'm drinking close to a gallon of water a day. I think combined with my exercise routine and losing a lot of fluid was what contributed to the fissure this time around

#2 -- Miralax. I've been on this since around 2011... I hate that I'm on it, but it does the trick in making things soft. But, apparently I wasn't getting enough water every day to soften the stools enough so that's where I'm at.

#3 -- Nifedipience .2% - Applied after baths. Definitely helps, but I'm not sure how much.

#4 -- Baths. I have an awesome big bath tub that I have gotten to know way to well over my many years of dealing with this. If your not taking regular (daily, sometimes 2x daily baths) you need to be. I hate that I waste a ton of time there, but I do read books while in the bathtub which passes the time.

#5 -- No Pushing - this is a no-brainer, and what got me back to fissure hell. Sit on the toilet and don't squeeze just let it do it's business. You should never be pushing hard or much at all.

#6 -- Squatty Potty/Stool - I've been having my legs up a bit again, improved posture definitely seems to help things.

#7 -- Bidet - I use a bidet at home, and this hasn't contributed to fissure healing, but I do think it has contributed to keeping it from coming back.

#8 -- Exercise - Walking (and Running) - I am a runner, but did a lot more walking while I was in this accute phase.

So the question is .... do I get LIS or not. Will this come back or not. If I slip up on any of the above it surely will, but it may do the same even if I have the LIS. I have a bunch of huge skin tag/sentile pile things that could definitely improve my quality of life if they were removed, but is it worth it/time missed from work?
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Re: Fissure Healed and 8 things that helped me (and a few ??

Postby Ayurveda » 20 Nov 2019, 17:05

I'm at work and can't soak.
Things are painful and I can't concentrate
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