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Re: Fissure story

Postby thatpinoydude » 15 Jun 2016, 07:42

How are you feeling now? Did you undergo surgery?

I hope you are well!
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Re: Fissure story

Postby patricia » 27 Sep 2016, 06:07

Hello everyone
I've been suffering of anal fissure for 2 years now and would like to share it with you to help and also learn from everyone.
At the beginning I spent 3 months literally without walking, spasms of pain that used to last for 2 hours, I couldn't even move my hands.
As the doctor thinks the surgeries have the same effect of Botox (I was checking on Google and people in other countries state it's quite effective though...) so... He also says my blood pressure in the area is low so he doesn't think it's worth to pass through that, and according to him, the main reason it the likely of incontinence.
So far I've had Botox injections under general anaesthesia three times (every 6 months) and I'm on the queue for the 4th one.
For me it was ok, no pain after surgery at all, but just in case I always take one week off. In the first month after botox I usually feel an annoying pain but not unbearable, after that I usually feel better, but I only feel really better now. It still hurts, I walk slowly for example, but no more spasms.
For the first time I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
I was exhausted of taking laxatives so although I was very afraid I took the risk and changed for:
1 and a half tablet of 250mg of Magnesium (sometimes I take 2 tablets of 250 mg)
And 250 mg of turmeric.
You can buy them at Holland and barrets (not all shops always have them, but you'll find it). I take it 14 hours before I intend to go to the toilet. I wake up at 7am so I take at 17.00.
I only eat wholemeal bread, rice and pasta, vegetables that HELP you to open your bowels (not any veg), kiwi, grapes, spinach, AVOCADO, porridge, bran with activia, 4 dry PRUNES at night or overdose of dry prunes when necessary...
I can eat chips for example, but then a lot of all these ailments as well, or more magnesium.
I know everyone knows about the food but I eat this every single day. I eat chicken, meat, fish, beans, everything... But every day: morning: one avocado or activia with brain
Lunch and dinner with lots of veg and not so much carbohydrate
Every day 2 kiwis, or 5 strawberry or grapes
And every single day 3 to 5 dry prunes. People say coffee can be bad but my coffee in the morning makes me go to the toilet, actually it happens after the cigarette :/
I don't feel pain going to the toilet anymore. It's a sacrifice every morning as I can't relax, I just sit to open my bowel when it's really the time, it's like a baby stool, very very very annoying lol soft, no shape.
Well, I really was depressed and there were times that I thought I could end in the streets as I don't have anyone to help, but patience, a loooooot of patience, and the food helped me.
Good luck for everyone.
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