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Postby Deleted User 9203 » 04 May 2022, 12:35

:thanx: I have been avidly reading this forum for a while now with interest as a guest,but have not posted before.I have read the fear, anguish ,hopelessness and Pain expressed by the members here and know it all too well, having experienced a fissure myself many years ago. This forum provides a wonderful service to this community, And when I was so afflicted, there was no such place where someone could go to talk about such a lonely and troubling affliction.
I experienced a fissure for about four or five years, But I have been cured for almost 15 years, and I learned a number of things that might help people here.
Most important to know i believe is that there is hope, and even though after a certain number of months or years the fissure is considered chronic ,you can still heal it. Obviously everybody’s situation is different, but I had a pretty serious one and had the usual treatments and potions,such as nitroglycerin which helped , but it always came back, with the accompanying pain and suffering. And I thought I would eventually have to have the Lis surgery ,but finally a doctor agreed to give me a simple little stool softening remedy called lactulose( which is merely a sugar) and that made all the difference. Kept everything soft and effortless,without any kind of straining and eventually things healed, and I didn’t have the surgery, and I’ve been good for the last 15 years.
. So I believe that is the most important thing, sometimes it helps to keep the area in question well lubricated as well, to help without irritating the sensitive tissues. Adding olive oil to your salad, or other foods is a pleasant way to do this.And in addition one last thing ,a doctor I’ve seen ,they preach fiber fiber and more fiber. But for myself I found that it actually made things worse because it bulked up the stools , which ended up stretching the area ,and causing the fissure either to not heal, or open up again.
So to all of you,there is light at the end of the tunnel , and you may even with a few simple dietary changes or medication‘s get healed even without surgery. obviously for some people they may not want to wait months or years ,or they may need the surgery after all.
most importantly I wanted to post this ,so if anyone has any questions I’ll be happy to answer them and share with you what I’ve learned about this hideous affliction and how to hopefully overcome it.
Deleted User 9203

Re: Fissure

Postby patience_and_healing » 11 May 2022, 06:37

Thanks for your encouraging and helpful post. It's great that you were able to heal without surgery.
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