Fissure & unable to eliminate

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Fissure & unable to eliminate

Postby NilesKb » 24 Jul 2015, 22:55

First time on this forum. I have a fissure that has flared up, pain & bleeding, 4th time over 15 years it has become a problem, each time before it eventually healed or perhaps just went into remission.

Now is the worst occurrence ever. Not only is there horrible pain, but I cannot have a normal elimination when I need it. I feel my body calling to me, cramps, telling me to pass it, but then nothing happens. It just won't move. This has only come on SINCE the fissure, not so much before. Now it is chronic. Everything I eat seems to go right through me . .but the only way I usually can at least partially eliminate is with a warm water enema, which seems to clear the lower bowel and gives me some relief. I've become dependent on these enemas. If I don't do it I feel as though I'm going to explode. I know the danger of continuing to do this, but I feel trapped

Doctor tells me what I'm feeling is related to the inflammation from the fissure, there is no obstruction, no impaction. Yet the problem is getting worse. This morning I had a fairly 'normal' elimination, which exacerbated the fissure pain and bleeding. Later on, needed to eliminate, but nothing happens. Back to the enema.

I have not read of anyone else having this type of issue. I'm scared, not only a painful fissure, but chronic undiagnosed and apparently untreatable constipation.

I take a psyllium supplement at bed time. A naturapath friend has me starting today a 'smoothie' diet, no protein, all blended fruits and veggies, in hopes that this will make things easier to pass and also reduce stress on the fissure.

I don't know what else to do. Grateful for any insight and/or suggestions
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Re: Fissure & unable to eliminate

Postby Savaici » 29 Jul 2015, 06:11

Suggest that you try Miralax, to help with your constipation. If you use the search (it is underneath the photo at the top of the page, between FAQ and Portal) you can search by topic and find posts on Miralax. Ignore the search on the right top here. Lots of good information there. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.
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Re: Fissure & unable to eliminate

Postby daisy001 » 30 Jul 2015, 19:54

I started with Miralax and Colace every day and now I am taking Miralax every other day and Colace every day. It really helped.

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Re: Fissure & unable to eliminate

Postby dottie » 01 Aug 2015, 23:18

Warm prune juice has helped told to me by a elderly Doctor from Austria. Told me he gave it to his patients after surgery
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Re: Fissure & unable to eliminate

Postby jlm1 » 02 Aug 2015, 10:41

Magnesium has helped me to keep stools soft. Along with lots of leafy greens, prunes when necessary, etc. And as already suggested, lots of water. Hang in there!
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