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Greetings to all fellow patients

Postby Johnny91 » 09 Jan 2016, 08:49

Hey guys,
My name is John, im 24 years old.
I've been looking through these forums since the start of my hell back in June.
It all started after a bad case of diarrhea, which made my life a living hell for a week or so, in the last days of May.
Back then i had no idea what was coming.
I had to be in Munich that day when it started, so after a sleepless night with numerous visits to the loo and 38C fever, i boarded that plane. Later i found out that these first days might have been what lead me to have such a fissure in the next weeks.

At this point i would like to clarify that i was almost never constipated and i'm a frequent toilet user (2-3 times daily).

I took some drug, i think dimexanol to get the diarrhea in control next day when i came back home. And things went pretty much fine a couple of days after that, allowing me to get back in usual habits very soon.
About one week later, i had my first hard stool, which made me work my eating habbits a little bit better. One more week later, for once in my life i skipped toilet for one day and that was it.
Next day i decided to force it out instead of waiting for it. At this point i had no idea of what life changing experience was waiting around the corner.

2013's first new year's week had be for the first time pushing out a hard stool which back then formed an acute fissure which was healed in less than 10 days and minor pain, and i still had no clue.
This had me under the impression that pushing hard stools out would at the very worse case leave me with a pain for a few days. How wrong i've been, i was gonna find out soon.

The stool got out eventually after a quarter of pushing that baby out. I remember i saw a little bit of blood on the top of it.
I didn't know, didn't care that it was even resisting getting flashed out and i had to break it down to get rid of it. I even found it funny.

After that i had a pain while seating, which grew stronger as time passed, maximizing at a 2h point after bowel movements.
Next visit to the toilet was a torment, as were all next visits from then on.

I went to a doctor, two weeks after the incident and got diagnosed with anal fissure. I was prescribed rectogesic GTN ointment and advised to make a dietary change (which was already ok).

Due to a lot of side effects regarded on Rectogesic, i chose to refrain from it, at least for the start, and try to focus on diet alone. I was wrong, period.

Since then i was using Depon max, mesulid & norgesic, cycling through them each day, before BM and after, with the pain being very intense and always there for 5-6 hours after the daily BM, when i was lucky enough not to have a second.

Within the summer months, i tried using mineral oil (1-3 spoonfuls with food) which was particularly helpful, making the stool soft and some times almost runny. I also tried duphalac (lactulose) which was making the stool painfully bulk and i had to stop using it soon after.
I tried norgesic as a muscle relaxer, not sure if it helped.
I tried daflon pills which promote blood circulation and are supposed to be helpful with hemorrhoids, i can't say if they helped or not.
I tried vaseline, not really helpful.
I tried 2% xylocaine gel which helped more like a lube instead of a topical pain relief, i could recommend this as it is very useful in some cases, but its tricky to apply with your finger if your fissure is deep inside the anal canal like mine was.
i tried virgin olive oil orally, helpful like mineral oil.
I tried coconut oil, as i read that some find a miracle cure in it, i'm pretty sure that a sitz bath with coconut oil gave me a nasty topical dermatitis which i still fight to cure.
I tried a Greek remedy with olive oil and a plant, called hypericum oil, topical rubbing oil which i'm not sure if it helped but it was good enough as a lube, and i might recommend it as one.

Then i got back from the worst summer holidays in my life and soon after i did some stupid things with diet, got ripped again and started at point 0.
That left me at the worst psychological point in my life, having bad thoughts that i will never get over with this etc but gave me what i needed to do what i did next.
I had a colonoscopy. The doctor diagnosed, anal fissure, an acute one, after 4 months of the incident.
I'm pretty sure that it was due to the last rip which was a week before the colonoscopy took place, which was probably the bloody tissue that the exam shown.
Then i was again prescribed rectogesic and this time i did it.
I finally bought rectogesic, the most expensive ointment until now. But also the most precious cream i've seen in my life.
The side effects for me was a slight heartbeat change (+10bpms) and a light headache on higher doses on the first few times which was definitely bearable and well worth the results (and also got away after the first two weeks of daily application).
So what rectogesic did, was something nothing else could. It would relax the sphincter and let me ease the pain or not feel at all.
I kept using it for a month or so, it definitely was helping out with the pain, but i could not see any huge difference on the passive irritation while passing stools. So for all i knew i was just maintaining the point.
Things remained the same until about a month ago when i had seen some blood in the stool after a BM with no stress. That happened a couple of times more after that.
Anyway things right now with the right diet are bearable but it really needs a lot of planning and i cant see how i can continue my life like this.
I've given some thought on LIS and flap surgeries but it is too early to decide this.
Food that helped me a lot in the early stages and i'm still eating are:
Butter beans & chickpeas! with the proper cooking they are delicious and very helpful.
Eggplant! amazing stool softener, cant compare it to anything else.
fatty pork, chicken and even fatty red meat is acceptable by me, combined with fiber.
extra olive oil
Apples & Oranges, lots of them, i eat at least four-five big apples or oranges daily. they help a lot with retaining the stools humid and soft.
i also tried a couple of probiotic pills with uknown results (probably good though definitely not bad).

Things that although supposed to help made it painful.
Zucchini, Green leaf salads or foods, peaches, watermelon and in general mostly fiber rich foods, no idea why, probably due to extreme bulking up of the stool and stress in the opening.

So guys that is the most of it, i'm sure i have forgotten something but that is most of it, i will edit and add more later.
Thank you for your great advice and support
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