Had Fistula, fissure, hemorrhoids. Hello, new to the forum!

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Had Fistula, fissure, hemorrhoids. Hello, new to the forum!

Postby restoringfaith » 11 Jan 2016, 19:49

Greetings everyone.
Like most people who have registered onto this site I have been browsing the forums for a few months off an on. First I want to say that the bravery and companionship that I have seen on this board has given me more hope in the human race and has helped me realize that there are still good people out there.
I am a 24 yo male who has suffered with bowel issues since i was a child. Being diagnosed with IBS at the age of 10 for years I would have anxiety induced bowel movements. Lots of straining and diarrhea off and on throughout the years. Some nights I would moan and cry from the pain in my lower gut as my anus would strain and dry heave. Throughout the years my symptoms had gotten better and I had basically forgot about it or completely disregarded it as I would only have one episode every few months.
It wasn't until august of this last year that my issues started. After a week of bike riding I had developed a sebaceous cyst on my lower buttocks probably like 2 inches away from my anus. After ignoring the cyst for almost a year it had become infected and abscessed This infection occurred in august 2015. Initially the doctor I had seen asked me about my schedule and I told him I was busy with finals. He had told me to just take hot baths and antibiotics to see if it would clear up. I was very reluctant to take the antibiotics as in 2015 I had been put on antibiotics 8 different times for sinus infections and colds. He NEVER described the importance of an I&D on the abscess and after three drainages I had developed a fistula. I went in for a fistulotomy on sept 22. I was lucky enough to have a small superficial fistula that only took three weeks to heal into a scar. I had my last follow up in late November (I dont remember the date) and my surgeon had told me everything looked as though it had healed great. I have no problems from the fistulotomy besides scar tissue pain here and there.
After the surgery was completed my surgeon had also advised me that he had found a fissure and internal hemorrhoids and to give them time to heal. I believe the fissure healed on my anus but the skin below in the 6 o clock position had not. WHen I go to inspect the area it looks like the skin healed below the anus just not back together. It is painless and does not bleed but is obvious an shallow when pulled open, but like I said there is no bleeding or pain and the skin looks healed just not closed. I honestly dont know how long it has been there for as it could have been there for years because I have never had any pain from it and considering my history of straining. I am scheduled to see a CRS next wens for all of these issues that i have been having.

The current dilemma I am dealing with is a tight irritated feeling anus. I have been using homemade vitamin e coconut oil suppository for the past 2 weeks. Over the past few days i have been noticing minor discomfort on my anus.
Symptoms include

Feeling of tightness
Slight burning
Swollen feeling
Overall discomfort

I went to my primary care doctor 4 weeks ago and they had mentioned that my internal hemorrhoids were still there. The discomfort had gone away for a while but the symptoms I am having are making me worrisome. Are the symptoms I have described symptomatic of hemorrhoids? I am starting to worry that I may have given myself proctisis from instering suppositories. I dont have any bleeding and if I do its a very minuscule amount. Although I have found that my stools have changed. It feels as though I have incomplete evacuation. I use to go to the loo usually twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Now I still go in the morning but most mornings its only a small amount. The rest is usually is distributed throughout the day with 2 to three more times in the bathroom. My stools have been small amounts and break apart into smaller pieces I have been eating tons of fiber and at least 64 oz of water a day. I also started going to a boxing gym last week and have gone twice since then. The coach has had me jump rope for 10 mins both times I have been in there. I dont know if the intensity of that work out has had an effect. My recent symptoms have come on quickly. They dont feel extremely severe but they do feel uncomfortable and noticeable Although I am starting to wonder if some of it is just my anxiety focusing in that area too much.
Sorry for the lengthy back and forth post I am just looking for some insight.

Could it be proctitis? Could my hemorrhoids becoming infected? Are these symptoms normal for someone dealing with issues that I have?

Thanks for the read
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Re: Had Fistula, fissure, hemorrhoids. Hello, new to the for

Postby dmcff » 04 Mar 2016, 06:01

I am not a doctor, and I'm sure that your CRS will have answers to all the questions you raise in your post. I only want to say: I wonder if you have considered the possibility that you may be allergic to coconut oil? I was, and had to stop using it because of this.
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