Haemmorrhoid injections and bleeding after?

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Haemmorrhoid injections and bleeding after?

Postby Blade2 » 03 Apr 2015, 11:15

Hi All,

I recently had a sigmoidoscopy (to check if there's any other causes to my bleeding than haemmerhoids) and sclerotherapy to treat a few grade 2 haemmerhoids. For a few years I've ocassionally had blood after a BM but thought it was just a "tear" so never sought help but it always went away. My most recent episode seemed more severe, however. A few weeks prior, the GP gave me suppositories to take but I was never able to master how to insert these and they would leak so not sure how effective they were.

The op - All went fine, apart from the enema which I found very painful (though I did clench and move). The obligatory BM after left no blood.

So I had the procedures done and the specialist confirmed no polyps etc and injected the haemmerhoids.

My first BM 24 hrs after, after eating like 2 day's worth of high fibre foods, felt very constipated. I was only able to do pebbles after like 10 minutes and there was bleeding. After this, I've been going daily and my stools are normal shaped but there remains to be blood, 5 days later.

I am confused because if I flared up a haemorrhoid the tissue would be blood stained even 24 hours but just dried up blood and eventually just goes away. If it's a stage 1 haemmerhoid that should resolve, and if it's stage 2 (like I had) that should also resolve.

If the enema caused the blood, I'd have bled when I had to use the loo after and the consultant must have noticed something not right there.

I'm possibly thinking that the injection was a failure (missed the spot?) though the specialist said he got the right spot when I asked (I felt the standard sting from an injection but thought I'd feel nothing as apparently haemmorhoids have no nerves, but he injected the veins I believe).

Is it normal to still bleed after this? I'm 28, male, and no other symptoms/pain.

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Re: Haemmorrhoid injections and bleeding after?

Postby Savaici » 10 Apr 2015, 22:22

Difficult to know as not had this. Would suggest a chat with your doctor if only to be reassured.
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