haemorrhoidectomy nightmare


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haemorrhoidectomy nightmare

Postby metogo » 08 Sep 2014, 12:44

In early 2011, I discovered a ‘lump’ protruding through the skin of my perineum. While waiting for an appointment with my G.P., the protrusion burst releasing a thick unsightly residue. Upon consulting my G.P., I was referred to a specialist at the BMI Healthcare Unit.
At this referral, the specialist decided on two further courses of action (both of which were to be performed by that same specialist):
Removal of the residual skin ‘tag.’
Further examination to identify the underlying cause i.e. a colonoscopy.
A month later (July/August 2011), the colonoscopy took place under local anaesthetic. During the procedure, a polyp was found and extirpated and I was released that same day. However, come that evening, I began to suffer a heavy loss of blood through the anal passage – the extent of which led me to seek emergency treatment at the local A&E department.
After a four-hour wait, I was called through to the consulting room. There I was informed that there was no possibility of the colonoscopy resulting in such blood loss and discharged there and then. The following morning, I returned to my G.P. and explained the situation I was in. Upon hearing of the night’s events and observing the blood loss, my G.P. immediately referred me back to the hospital. He also called ahead so as to arrange me being met with another consultant upon arrival.
I was admitted to a ward for four days. During that time, an X-Ray was taken and a surgeon informed me that there was no sign of lasting damage. He added that the bleeding would eventually cease on its own.
About 6 weeks after my hospital stay, I was called in by the specialist who performed the colonoscopy. He informed me of the discovery of the polyp and that I would require further treatment for ‘internal piles’ – a haemorrhoidectomy. This ‘further treatment’ would entail a further series of colonoscopies: one twelve-months later and then another every three years of my life. At this stage, the specialist was ignorant of my hospital stay following the colonoscopy.
The haemorrhoidectomy was performed in mid-November 2011 and led to a one-night stay in hospital. Leaving the operating room to the recovery room, I am sure I overheard the anaesthesiologist discuss with the nurse that they found nothing untoward in their investigation. This makes me question the necessity of this procedure in terms of my particular situation. From my understanding, a haemorrhoidectomy is a procedure for those suffering an extreme bout of piles and not just the singular (already burst) haemorrhoid that I was suffering from.
Released home for recuperation, I found myself constantly doubled over in agony and was unable to defecate for nine whole days. Only after a powerful dose of (prescribed) laxatives was I able to clear my bowels – one of the most painful experiences of my life.
After an extended sabbatical from work (six weeks of recuperation), the pain had eventually lessened and I was again called back to an appointment with the specialist in February 2012. I notified him of the problems I was continuing to experience (faecal incontinence and intermittent leaking) to which he replied that both issues would subside in time. On this, he said the situation would not require further treatment.
Come April 2012 however, I was forced to return to my G.P.; the incontinence had become more problematic than ever. I now found myself unable to pass a complete stool. Each attempt at a bowel moment would result in a remainder of the stool remaining within my rectum (despite how strenuous my efforts to pass it may have been). The remainder would eventually come to leak out inopportunely sometime after. Obviously, this issue has put severe limitations on what I can do in my day-to-day life – both personally and professionally. I am now always anxious as to my proximity to a toilet, people around me and my personal hygiene.
On hearing this, my local G.P. referred me to a different specialist. On meeting with this new consultant, I explained my situation and the issues I was experiencing to which he opined it was unlikely that any of the procedures would have resulted in such circumstances. He prescribed me a course of Fybogel which only made matters worse i.e. softened the stool without helping its flow.
Three months later (August 2012), The Hospital scheduled a ‘follow-up’ appointment with me so as to check how my recovery was proceeding. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a different doctor than last time who had little interest in my condition. In fact, for much of the appointment, his concentration was focused solely on his mobile phone and not the patient in his room. After leaving his office, I felt unduly ignored and believed that no help would be forthcoming on this matter.
For the next five or six months (leading to February 2013), I decided the only option I really had was to persevere to the best of my ability. During this time, I received no correspondence from the hospitals as to any further treatment (including the colonoscopy that was to occur twelve months after the initial procedure).
Unfortunately, my situation only worsened in this time and I eventually had to revisit my G.P. He again referred me to the same department at the local Hospital. Here I was informed that no further treatment could be committed to without a second exploratory colonoscopy. This procedure was booked for August 2013. It was performed by the same specialist who had conducted both the haemorrhoidectomy and the very first colonoscopy. After waking from the anaesthetic, he again assured me I had no underlying issues and quickly discharged me.
A further appointment was arranged by the Hospital for February 2014 with a third in-house consultant. This new consultant decided that the next course of action should be a proctogram on Monday 23rd June followed by an anorectal manometry on Wednesday 25th June. As an aside, the proctogram was the most embarrassing, undignified procedure that anyone could be subjected to.
As to the findings of these procedures, the proctogram identified a slight blockage present in the bowel. I was only informed of this fact upon visiting my G.P. in late August. Neither myself nor my G.P.’s surgery have yet to be contacted as to the results of the anorectal manometry. Initially, a follow-up appointment was scheduled for October 21st 2014. However, on the 28th August 2014, I received a letter informing me that this appointment had been pushed back to Tuesday 11th November 2014.
In sum, the problem I have originated in the immediate aftermath of the haemorrhoidectomy. For nearly three years (from the day this problem began to the time of writing), I have yet to get any closer to finding an answer for my condition from any consultant. This has been an absolutely life-changing episode; what has been expressed here is merely the tip of the iceberg with regards to the issues and inconveniences this condition has caused me. My life has been affected to such an extent that I have even sought recompense through legal channels. Unfortunately, I lack the finances with which to initiate such recourse.
Of course, I myself am not a doctor and also not privy to every detail of the operations and procedures I have had conducted. I speak from a place of ignorance but it is an ignorance also founded on the taciturnity of certain doctors who have treated me.
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Re: haemorrhoidectomy nightmare

Postby asdf123456 » 10 Sep 2014, 16:35

Sorry you're in pain and suffering. Could you provide a bit more information though?

Firstly, where are you from?

Also, there are many different types of "hemmorhoidectomies" - From what you had, it sounds like you had internal hemmies ligated, is that correct?

Thirdly, it is very rare that you would be rendered incontinent at all from a hemorrhoidectomy surgery unless the surgeon fucked up massively which, (in the US), would entitle you to significant legal damages. The surgeon would have had to inadvertently cut down into the muscle, leaving a defect, known as a keyhole deformity...This would be confirmed I believe with either a anoscopy, or a the anorectal ultrasound/proctogram that you had. Do you have access to those records as well?

When you say incontinence, can you describe (gross but don't worry- we're all cool about it on here), what degree of a problem you are having? Is it like a whole poops worth is coming out and you are in diapers? Or a wipe's worth or a staining or what?
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Re: haemorrhoidectomy nightmare

Postby Savaici » 10 Sep 2014, 19:36

Hi Metogo, and welcome to the forum. Sorry it has taken a bit of time to welcome you! Happens like that sometimes. 

Sounds like you are in the UK, and you may or may not know that you are entitled to get copies of your medical records from the NHS. This is the link:  http://www.nhs.uk/chq/pages/1309.aspx?categoryid=68 . You can then see exactly what went on during surgery, examinations, etc. I'm English but live in the US, and always get my records here. With your appointment being pushed to November I would definitely get your records so thst you can see what is going on.  

Quite a few of us here know exactly what you're going through. I had hemmie surgeries that messed me up, and then on getting a fissure in early 2011 had to self-diagnose as no GP seemed to understand what the pain was.  

It is not uncommon to have bad constipation following a hemorrhoidectomy. Same thing happened to me. It is all the pain medication that they pump into your system, and the fact that on top of that your bowel slows down after the anesthesia. Perfect storm for bad constipation. Absolute nightmare I know. 

Personally, it sounds like the removal of the polyp caused the bleeding, at a guess. Your medical records should give you a much better idea of what exactly happened. 
Don't know why the skin tag was removed unless it was especially large. They always come back just about. They are not hemmies but can hurt, swell and even grow across the anus! I worried about that for a while!!

Have you thought of seeing a specialist privately? We have quite a few members on here from the UK who have done this for answers. 

Incontinence is no fun; I have a minor version, and am always a little bit worried, so tend not to eat big meals ever and not overindulge on fibre. 25 mg of fibre for a woman, 38 mg for a man. I stick to 25mg and it has helped me. Make sure you are drinking enough water too. At least 8 8oz glasses a day.  For pain I use a Sitz Bath which I put on the loo. Spend quite a bit of time soaking and it's all a bit of a pain, but helps and relieves. I also take Milk of Magnesia each evening, but would rather recommend Movicol if you're not taking anything, which brings water into the colon and helps to soften the stool. Trial and error as to how much. 

Will end this off here. Really think you should get your records and see what exactly is going on when you are getting no joy in having it explained to you. Also, there is a lot of useful info on here, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.  :wel:
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Re: haemorrhoidectomy nightmare

Postby Ever the Optimist » 11 Sep 2014, 16:05

Gee Metogo,
I noticed you were under the care of the BMI clinic in the UK - same as me initially. Can you tell me who you were under the care of? I'm so sorry to read your story........
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