Hard Tips - How do you get rid of this?

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Hard Tips - How do you get rid of this?

Postby terrancewifflespoon » 15 Apr 2022, 10:26

Summary: 6 years of a chronic fissure. JUst had LIS a week ago. Smooth sailing until hard tip this morning which re-tore the fissure.

My question is, has anyone figured out how to get rid of the hard tip BM's? The tip is hard but the entire rest of the BM fly's out and is completely soft. It's maddening.

I have incorporated:
* A ton of fiber (including metamucil 4 in 1)
* A ton of water
* Magnesium oxide 500mg
* Pre-pro biotic
* Not eating trigger foods

So what gives? The ONLY thing that fixes this issue is not a long term solution and that's Miralax.

Hoping people have answers!
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Re: Hard Tips - How do you get rid of this?

Postby patience_and_healing » 15 Apr 2022, 11:40

My suggestion is to reduce the fiber. Too much fiber with not enough moisture in it will make hard BMs. If miralax works for you and you've just had LIS then I suggest you take the miralax until you are completely healed. Then you can start easing up on it.

Another thing you can try along with miralax is putting some water in before a BM with a plastic syringe to soften things up. This is a bit tricky to do in case a reinjury occurs.

Take care and wish you speedy healing.
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Re: Hard Tips - How do you get rid of this?

Postby Rich44 » 17 Apr 2022, 17:22

Try also being mindful of your sodium intake and electrolytes. You might also try a different type of fiber. My gut couldn't tolerate psyllium (in Metamucil) and Wheat Dextrin (Benefiber) didn't do much that I could recall. But I have been taking 2 caplets of Citrucel a day and have had very few issues. I like it as it doesn't ferment in the gut like psyllium husk does.

Also are you tense when you have a BM? Do you have a lot of stress?
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Re: Hard Tips - How do you get rid of this?

Postby Sisyphus » 03 May 2022, 05:26

My suggestion is to eat a carnivore diet and walking a lot. You should also eat less amount of food for a few months. If you eat healthy and nutritious food, you will need less quantity of food and that way you will pooping less. Foods rich in carbs or fiber, are not nutritious or healthy.
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