Has anyone had painless internal hemorrhoid?

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Do you have Hemorrhoids and are contemplating or have had a Hemorrhoidectomy? If you are thinking of surgery, or want to ask questions on anything to do with Hemorrhoids, or want to share with others who have been through this, this is the place!

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Has anyone had painless internal hemorrhoid?

Postby bearyfluffy » 22 Oct 2016, 20:07


It was last week Saturday when it happened and I still have no clue if it was anal fissure or hemmorhoid. When I wiped there was bright red blood coming out, I tried to wipe till there was no more blood but there still was. I was really scared and I started shaking because I had no clue what was happening. There wasn't any pain, burning, itching. So I took a shower to wash the blood away, and when I wiped again. nothing. I have anxiety so the first thing that popped into my mind was either cancer or something's wrong with my colon. I spent the rest of the day freaking out and as the youngest in my family, I'm usually the loudest but not that day.
The following week I kept thinking back on what happened that day, my anxiety was just terrible. Even though I had no loss of appetite, no fever, I was still very scared. Its been a week now and every morning when I have to go, no blood but one thing still concerns me. I'm having soft stools that don't come out in one shape, but multiple. Is that normal? Maybe I have to eat more meat? Also is it okay if its slightly yellowish brown? I read that if the stool is yellow, it has to do with my bile? Well as long as I'm not feeling any discomfort right now. I should be fine. Just that my anxiety won't leave me alone.
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Re: Has anyone had painless internal hemorrhoid?

Postby Mypoorbutt » 23 Oct 2016, 12:37

If your worried you should go to your docs just to put your mind at ease.
Internal hems are painless most of the time, I have 4 and they only ever hurt when they become external once they go back in the pain goes. A fissure is agony like full on pain...hem pain doesn't even come close to the spasms that a fissure causes.
As for the colour I have IBD and have been told the colour can be many things, what you ate/drank, the speed of transit and obviously bile/liver issues. So again if your worried you can go to docs although I often have bright yellow when my transit is on hyper so could be something as simple as that.
Again the docs won't mind putting your mind at ease and stress won't help your bowel
Take care
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