Healed... you will too!!

Healed with Botox---TA DAH...

Please help others by posting your success story here. Tell us what worked for you, before you move on with your fissure-free life!!

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Healed... you will too!!

Postby mamafizz » 06 Oct 2017, 09:17

Hello I cannot tell if this has posted or not I hope so..

Just wanted to let everyone know that you will heal.. No matter how long you have suffered, God hears your prayers and will help you through this. We all have life's lessons to learn and you will come through this much stronger. Keep the Faith. I suffered for 5 months with a horrible fissure until I had the courage to get Botox, and then 3 weeks later, Jan 2017 it was healed. It still takes time for the muscles to return to full normal function. But it is soooo much better. NO fissure pain at all. Please know it will go away and that you will be back to your old self.
Things that helped.

Warm baths.. lots and lots.
simple foods, no soda, red meat, fatty foods, no bacon, no chocolate milkshakes. lol
I lost 70 pounds.
Diosimin and Hesperidan Supplements.
Rhoid Aid you can buy on Amazon works wonders..
Botox 80 percent cure rate. worked for me
deep breathing yoga, mind body practices
We are able to heal ourselves. Our bodies are designed to heal, it is a miraculous process
our cells replenish it just takes time. Stress prolongs it. (Hard not to be stressed when your in so much pain I get it)
Fresh Air
I took some over the counter tylenol, aleve, advil, could not understand why none really took it away but it did help a little bit.
A lot of endurance
Stay Positive Stay Calm and know you will be healed, no matter how long it takes, it will heal and you will be back to your life. That is GUARANTEED..

Here is your survival mantras'

I will not panic
I will rest when I need to rest
I will not feel bad for having to heal.
I will trust my instincts
I will thank God everyday and know that I will get through this
I will know that although it appears that everyone else is living their lives and I am suffering, I know that
I too will be healed and back to normal sooner than later.
No pain lasts forever
Peace Love and Healing to everyone and so many thanks to all those on the forum who help others going this
painful but temporary experience. YOU WILL HEAL!! You will get through this, your pain will go away!!
Keep the Faith! Every little things going to be alright.
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Re: Healed... you will too!!

Postby Biloca » 06 Oct 2017, 10:12

:thanx: Thank you so much to post your experience about Botox. I just went yesterday in the Proctologist and he told me the best way is to do the Botox procedure because I'm suffering horrendous pain for 3 months for the third time in my life. I have pain in the moment of BM and after BM for 5 or 6 hours later. After read your post I feel more confident too! Thanks again!

I'm doing nytroglycerin, no red meat, lots of fiber and warm sit bath as well after BM. Praying, positive thoughts, reiki, etc!
Sorry if my English is not good enough... English is my third languag. But I hope you understand my thanks to you and your positive words. God bless us all and everything happens for a reason... that's why after this AF experience everyone in this forum will be stronger and thankful for the life we already have. Obrigada! Gracias! Thanks!
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Re: Healed... you will too!!

Postby patience_and_healing » 07 Oct 2017, 10:43

Thanks for your inspiring post mamafizz! I'm glad that you are doing well and fully healed. Unfortunately for me botox was not the cure that I had hoped for, but hopefully I'll be healed one day.
8/16-12/16: Fissure due to antibiotics
5/17: Botox
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Re: Healed... you will too!!

Postby missy moo » 26 Jan 2018, 15:17

Hi mamafizz how are you now? Did they also remove the fissure/scar tissue I'm having this done plus Botox in 2 weeks.
missy moo
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