Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

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Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Jarred » 29 Aug 2015, 17:34

Hello, :smilyhug:
First of all I want to thank you all that are on this board for obviously providing information on what has worked for some and what hasn't for some, i think infomation is information and it can be usefull or maybe even un-usefull, take what you need and try what works best for you.
I must say every fissure is different, but fissure is a fissure, pain in the butt is pain and I can only tell you it took me to a very dark place so I know what some of you that are going through those really painfull days, and the sunnier days have come for me where I wanted to share my methods, I wanted to wait with posting untill I could provide help.
I know some people have IBS or such other problems, which lead to to more fissures or even fistulas, I hope some some of this information can also be helpfull for you, which i am sure at least the MIND part will be.
If you want to read the method please scroll below.
My Fissure
I have always had pretty much very healthy bowel movements in my life. 2 BM sometimes 3 times a day.
Allthough I have had hemrrhoid problems, some blood on paper after a hard/quick stressful wiping, they mostly went away after I calmed down and just did some simple dietary changes nothing special.I can tell you I am very convinced that hemorrhoids and such problems come mainly with stress, and I don't mean work stress, but that deep individual stress. (subconciounal).
It adds up with other factors such as diet, not enough activity with the body, and many other factors allthough I keep concluding stress is the main one.
I live in Mexico and eat spicy and lots of meat, and only have had problems when I get stressfull about my most personal things.
I flew to Switzerland where my grandpa just passed away, at first everything went well. I spent a month there eating many things I used to love when I lived there like sausauges, cheese, pasta, all kinds of things.
Our family is italian, so there is always lots of drama involved with everything, after a month I was stressed and didnt really noticed since I was having a good time and I knew my granpa was in a better place now etc.

I got a bad diarrea for eating something weird, 1 day but then went away.

After having lots of meat and stress, I noticed some blood on wiping, didnt make much of it thought hemrrhoids where back ( which was probable ) until the next day where we were flying to spain, my BM in the morning was very painfull and i just had the feeling that something rippped.
The flight was uncomfortable, but nothing I thought too much about. The worst part was the drama going on between my 50 year old mother and 80 year old grandma, more stress great, I was happy though I was visisting my uncle.
Upon arriving at a very nice villa my uncle has in Spain, I got some hemorrhoid cream ( with cortico ) and started applying it before BM and after BM. I also did some simple dietary changes.
The BMs where painfull, but the pain went away pretty quick after 30 minutes.
on the 3th day I had a painfull free BM, which i thought all good. and so I ate meat, and ice cream.
The 4th day after morning BM the pain was back, I even hurt myself afterwards with the applicator from the cream from the pain and just bad feeling that something was wrong again.
Fissure was the worst pain I have ever experienced, o boy it takes the life right out of you.
So i got very depressed the week after it was horrible pain every bowel movement, and the pain would dure the whole day until the night.
At some point i skipped a day of bowel movement, which made the bad pain go away and just hurt sometimes or when i sweated.
Went to a local general doctor who stuck her finger to check if and said I had internal hemorrhoids.
VERY PAINFUL, did not help and probably made it worse.
I got myself some muscle relaxers, vitamin E and Daflon pills to try and cure it that way.
I stoppd the corticoid cream after 7 days ( its what it says)
I only used a Vitamerfen cream ( which disfencts and heals) after that, but i could only really apply it on the outside because by that point my anus was totatlly contracted.
I did some sitzbads, stopped wiping and only used water, went to the sea water every day thinking it would probably help as it has healed every cut I have ever gotten.
Nothing seemed to help, not even doing a enema and fasting for 7 days to not have a BM for those 7 days.
The BM on the 8th day brought me pretty much back to day one. I lost 7 kilos, and lots of muscle.
The fasting helped me change to eat less and diet change, but didnt not really do anything for the fisure.
I bought aloe vera, and coconut oil and applied on my bum which didnt really help, i could really get it in anyways my anus was very very contracted.
After three weeks on the last day my uncle asked me why I hadn't jumped in the pool, i told him i was scared the clore would blah blah blah.
I decided to change my perspective on things, since the negative and victim like mindset had not helped.
At that point I decided i was going to accept the pain, and just try and live the happiest way possible with the fissure since i had read some people have had it for years etc.
We flew back to Switzerland, the flight was not too bad, but of course unconformable, I kept a positive mindset.
I went to the Procologist after 4.2 weeks of fissure starting symptoms, who diagnosed a middle-big sized fissure, he said it had not scared on the top part yet which showed that it could heal.
He gave me Nifedipin cream, finger condoms, with some more Daflon tablets, Movicol, and said to have patience in 6 weeks it could heal.
I had various conversations with my wife abroad in Mexico, she told me stop worrying, sent me some info in spanish since i had allready gone through al the information in english, and german.
This is really where I started to heal, I started getting my own system.
The Healing Methods
When you want to cure yourself, you first need to heal.
To properly be cured, it is a mixture of mind and reality.
A mixture of changing your mind and actual medicine and procedures.
You need to put a mindset that YOU WILL heal, and try and stay away from the victim feeling.
The main problem of fissures not healing, is the Sphincter Spasms, we need to try and keep these away (they can be controlled in the subconscious).

1. Try and remember that we do have self-healing propierties as individuals just like a lizard can grow its tail again.
2. Remember, your goal is to heal yourself, and then cure yourself through this process.
3. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW it is very hard to stay positive when you the pain is there.
4. Stay away from personal stressful situations, or things you don't feel like doing, but try and stay with the rythm of your positive life.
5. Be Thankfull, that you can still see, hear, walk, have finger, breath, etc. I also was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago but can tell you that the Fissure brought me down more than that. ( Never had problems again from my MS)
6. Remember that you and me are part of something bigger than just this, you can call it god, or just universe, I am positive that no matter how bad your fissure is, if you can reach into the power of your own subconscious/god/universe you will be healed and cured.

( Remember all procedures should be done absolutely calm and with no stress and fear)
1. Olive Oil- Get some Bio-Olive Oil VIRGIN
Pour a little bit of the oil inside a clean cup, from the suck up and put three full 1m Baby Oral Syringe of Olive Oil inside of the anus, passing the sphincter. This will lubricate the inside part. They look like this:

http://www.healthaccessories.com/liquid ... item-77500
( These type of syringe where very helpfull to me, the small tip was all that could go into my super contracted spamsmed anus, if you can not get these maybe get the oral drop kind.

2. Put two peasized of vaseline in the cup, or on something clean, and use the syringe to suck up some Vaseline( you can do it on two goes) which will go also in and on the O part of the sphincter anus.

Now you have lubricated, if you have to go BM you will now be safe that you are ready to go.

3. Drink a full cup of water with disolulable magnesium, and drink one or two additional cup of water.(This will stimulate BM proces and you might have to go straight away, or maybe after breakfast, anyhow anus is lubricated and you are ready).

4. Let suppose BM is coming at this moment and you feel it, be happy about it, let it build up a little while you prepare your towel to shower, put on music that you like on your phone or home stereo loud, distract yourself, think it is an everyday morning and your are just gonna have a BM, at this moment do not think about the pain or all else involved, just one thing at the time.

Relax yourself, listen to that music you like, or loud tv if you like, or even take a magazine and sit down and have BM just like you used to back when fissure was not even in your vocabulary.

5. After all the poop is out, and i know at the beggining sometimes you can only poop a little start the cleaning process, sometimes while cleaning you might even get more BM coming, let that out and repeat cleaning process.

(remember to do all procedures calm and relaxed, slow and concentrated listen to the music)

Now i think one of the biggest mistakes I did was stop actually cleaning my anus, and just spraying water. Of course the pain is so bad you dont even want to go near the anus with anything.

Buy some PH free wet wipes, the less stuff thez add to wet wipe they have the better.

1. If you have a hose to the WC, spray your anus with water.

2. Take a wet tipe, spray it with water so and squeeze the water out of the wet wipe ( we are taking anything out of the wet wipe if it has perfume or other stuff) and making it even more wet.

3. 1st Wet wipes, just tap your anus slowly, have a look how much poop is on it, if its full repeat until it almost has nothing.

2nd Wet wipes, while pushing the anus a bit out, and maybe using the other hand to pull apart the buttcheek you will very slowly introduce into the anus with the tip of finger, choose the finger that best suits you(I use my index)

3rd Wet wipes, you will crouch/squat in your bathtub, or shower, and repeat the wet wipe process to a point where you stop seeing poop on them, when introducing the finger it doesnt have to go to deep, maybe 1cm or maybe even just the point and try and close the sphincter when it is introduced to push the finger out and clean the walls properly.
Use as many wipes as you need, mine where big do this proces slow and concentrated but relaxed until you see no more feces.

You dont have to go to deep, it all depends on how used you are to introducing things into your anus, I started that I could only introduce very little and with time a little bit more, always slow though.

Remember to first wet every wipe with normal water, and squeeze the water out.

4. After you know your inside Anus is clean, clean the outer part again with the water hose and some PH Netural Soap with your hand, you can squeeze the sphincter in and clean it very well this way. Clean all the hairs and buttcheeks as well.

5. Take a shower, try and clean your hair to the front part so all the shampoo goes to the front not back squeeze your butt in if you dont want any products going there, after showering, you will again hose down a bit your anus one last time and just make sure you leave everything well without soap etc.

( I stopped doing stizbad after BM and this process, since i now knew I was clean and i felt the sitzbad was not helping, it was actually making the skin on my anus more tender)

6. Dry yourself, get on your bed and put your butt in the air or squat and pattdry slowly with some soft paper or a clean towel.

1. I started spraying a spray that is made out of St. John’s wort oil (Oleum Hyperici), Neem oil (Oleum Azadirachtae), Olive oil (Oleum Olivarum), it is this one

http://www.wound.ch/wp-content/uploads/ ... E_PP_E.pdf

If you can not get a hold of such, then try and get just some olive oil or coconut oil in there ( Do not reuse the old seringes or droplets or cups, use all fresh)

2. After 20/30 Minutes, lay down or squat and apply Nifedipin or such anal relaxing cream ( pea sized ) only on the outside, massage it on the anus ring, you squeeze the sphincter in with a tiny bit of the cream in.

With some finger condoms: http://www.amazon.com/Latex-Finger-Cots ... B000OTAMAU

( I have a feeling that when I put the cream inside it would burn not in a way that it was disenfeting the fissure, it was agravating it. Dont worry, even just applying and massaging the cream outside it will be sucked by the skin in into the muscle and fisure)

During the day, you might get some burning or spasms again, you can lubricate with some Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Aloe Vera made for Anus. Try and not to put too much or to often, at night there will be another procedure.

1. Eat Less: Try and reduce the amount of food you intake, remember you are on a goal to heal the fissure once and for all.
2. Fiber and Alkalizing foods are important. Research and buy !!!!
Alkalizing will help the PH to help the fissure heal.
I stopped eating what my family ate, and just started my cooking and preparing everthing for myself.

1 Mango, 1 Apple, 1/2 Banana,
One Spoon Amaranth Grain
One Spoon Oat meal Grain
One Spoon Linseed
One Small spoon Chia Seeds
7 Almonds
One or Two to Three Spoons of lactobacillus yoghurt] ( not if you are lactose intolerant)
Add water to the point of what you want the consistency of the drink to be.


You can have one or two slices of toasted whole weat bread.
Add some coconut oil and jam

3. Good Proteins are a must, eat some almonds if you get some more hunger during the day until dinner
Cook with Olive Oil Extra Virgin, fry some garlic in a wok and add:

Green Beans or Lima Beans, etc.

Finish up with some sprouts and boom you have a full fiber and alkalized dinner.
1 small or 1/2 big avocado with bit of salt & tomato

Avocados are a great source of good proteins that will do good for curing, and since there wont be any red meat intake this diet has all the proteins you need.

If you want, you can have some Sea Bass Fish Filet all cooked with olive oli, over time you might be able to start adding some Chicken, but remember to start slow and your goal !!!!!!!
Bread, Rice, Pasta - Try and buy all that are whole weat, and you can slowly have some at dinner.

I stopped having big amounts of water when I ate dinner.
After dinner, I would have a dissoluble magnesium with water

1. Get some Vitamin E tablets, 1 in the morning with breakfast, 1 at night with dinner. (Lower after 4 weeks)
2. Get some beta-Carroten Tablets, which convert to Vitamin A in the body, same one at breakfast, one dinner. (Lower after 4 weeks )
3. Get some Zinc Pills, try and have these away from meals since they work best like that, 1 morning 1 night. (Lower after 6 weeks)
4. Get Daflon 500mg Pills, they help with the veins and micocirculation. 1 morning, 1 night. ( you can have up to 6 a day of these, they are natural and help with the hemorrhoids and microcirculatio in genera)

5. After healing for a while, I still felt my sphincter tense, so I went straight up to my doctor and told him I wanted Valium, which is a muscle relaxant and antispasmic.
I know some people get hooked on it, but since my goal is to heal my fissure there should be enough respect to leave the pills once the fisure is healed. ( many patients get morphium in the hospital and come out and do not become junkies) so don't be afraid to get some extra help, unless you KNOW you will get hooked.
Remember, it won't be the Valium that will fix you, this will only be like a 10% of a whole big process, so there is no need to get hooked.

I got the 10mg pills. this is what I was taking when I first got them.

1/2 tablet straight upon waking up under the tongue, you will feel relaxed 7 minutes.
1/2 tablet before going to work.
1/2 tablet afternoon
1/2 tablet before night procedure

With time you reduce.

6. Right before going to sleep, have 1/2 of a Movicol or Miralax Sachet. You don't need much laxatives since the diet will be so good.

7. After many of my fissure symtoms where reduced, i started working on my hemorrhoids with
4 times a day Nikzon tablets and 4 times a day Xifen ( some of those dont exist outside of mexico, check what they have inside you might be able to get something similar near you).


Clean yourself with some wet wipes as in the morning, slowly you dont need much, you can also spray some water with the hose.

( This procedure is to relax the sphincter, and add some curating things to the fisure)
( Please do this very slow, and relaxed, at first I didnt't even know what my anus felt like, let alone how to stick something inside of it, the hemorroids where kind of in the way, so you get better as you go, but you need to do it slow and relaxed)

Put a towel on your bed and lay on your side, put some music with a timer or tv, and relax.

1. Before going to bed, put some small amout Olive Oil in a fresh cup, and half a spoon of Manuka Honey.

2. With the baby syringe, suck up some of the mix ( doesnt mix well, you will get more oil than honey but ok) and spray some inside of anus.

3. Get a finger condom, put it on your pinky finger, summerge the pinky finger in the honey oil mix, and slowly introduce it into the anus, just the tip. Contract the muscle a bit and suck the mixture in with your anus.

Summerge again in the mix, and introduce again ALWAYS slowly and searching which way the hole actually goes,
keep the finger in 15 minutes.

Repeat 2-3 times try and leave the finger in as deep as half of the finger, and for around 10 minutes. Relax when the finger is in, and with time, the finger will go in easier, when you can, you will be able to move the sphincter muscle and tighten it on your finger trying to almost push it out.

After 45 minutes, you are done with that.

4. Get another finger condom, and massage some a pea and a half size Nifedipin or such cream only on the outside of the anus.

5. You are done, put everything away and get ready to sleep.

6. As you are dosing off, repeat to yourself that you and the universe are one, all that power and great miracles are also available to you, and think of yourself as allready healed and cured.
Repeat: I am healed. I am healed. I am healed untill you are wide asleep. :fairy:

There is something obviously bigger, smarter, and more powerfull than us, this something keeps planets floating and rotating, and it is powerful enough to heal a fissure.


With this process, I felt a lot better after 3 days, and healed after 4 weeks.
You can keep doing the process for as long as you feel is necessary, 6 weeks is a must for a real change to happen.

There were some points where I would start getting some pain ( spasm) maybe trigered by stress or other factor, and I would just squat down and act like i am tying my shoe lace, or in a shop looking at something on the lower shelf, or even a bathroom.
Stop feeling ashamed, most people do not even know what is going on, so just do it.

Squatting opens up the muscle, and I would contract and open, contract and open, while breathing in and out and squatting. It would relieve and keep going.

You can also sit on a chair, and neal forward kind of like if you would be in the WC.

I know when people ask how are you doing it is hard to tell them i am doing Ok or good, when really you feel like you have a knife in your butt.

BUTT, remember we are taking the victim out, because you will not be a victim anymore of the fissure and you need to start believing and acting like this.

Be thankfull for every meal you have, do not be afraid it will be bad for you or such, be happy you are eating something and this something will deliver all the good properties to heal and cure !!!!

Remember to stay away from stress, try to find love inside of you, and the love around the world, look at what this support forum has built, a huge Library of information that can be accessed that most doctors will not tell you.

I wish you all the best on this personal trip, it sure has taught me many things.

:vse: :lovebug:
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby anniebee » 02 Sep 2015, 15:11

Thank you for the time you took to write this post. I agree, stress is very bad for healing.
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Jarred » 04 Sep 2015, 13:15

Thank you for replying, yeah I think stress / anger / all these negative emotions are directly connected to the sphincter.
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Jarred » 28 Aug 2019, 10:37

Hi all, so I have been Fisure Free since then but have had Problems with the Hemorrhoids. Now I must write again:

Important Points:
- Drink enough water through the day
- Sport: Doing soft sport will loosen up all muscles and balance out blood pressure.
- Keep that diet balanced ! (SEE FIRST POST)!!
- Do the work outs with the sphincter muscle, contract and decontract, it is important because Hemorrhoids are blood stuck in there, an as we work the muscle the blood can flow out again and it helps.

- Stress it down, try as much as possible to reduce stress and remember that your health is more important than other things like work and even Family can be very stressfull sometimes

When we are stressed we breath less and incorrect, less Co2 comes out and toxicity builds up, that builds up pressure in the whole body and blood arteries and bloodvessels as well.

CO-Relation Brain and Colon. Avoiding unnecesarry bathroom time.
I noticed certain Things that may make me nervous in my subconcious make me want to go the bathroom even when I know I allready went and there shouldn't really be any Need, the conection betwen the Colon and Brain is undisputable, sometimes even after earting there is a short period I have this which is normal
BUT that doesn't mean I really have to go. I used to just go and very Little would come out, or even with a certain acidity since it wasn't really ready to come out yet....this led to more Hemrrhoids as well.

When I get this feeling and I know that it should pretty much be impossible that I have to go again, I have brought myself to lay down or sitdown and relax for 10 minutes distract myself and sometimes the feeling is gone ! Just by completly relaxing and DISTRACTING !

Do this with caution since if you haven't been to the stool or if you know that you have been eating much lately, or if something just absolutely didn't sit right then there is a big probability something does Need to come out.

Try to get as much out as possible in the morning poo or your Daily Poo.
If possible buy a squatting toilet seat helper and search about the right position when going for a stool. This is so important that it can just flow out as good as possible without putting much weight on the whole pelvic floor.

Now if you eat a balanced diet and almost alway around the same amount, and have mostly a good bath

Reducing hemorrhoids will help you stay away from fisures.

P.S IF I ever build a house I will have one of those japanese Squatting Toilets, that is definitely the best position to go to the bathroom, it absolutely empties out the whole Thing in one go. I am guessing Toilet Seats where made for "kings" in order they could spend hours and hours on them....Healthy ? Don't think so... :confused:

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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Abu » 31 Aug 2019, 21:58

One of the best post I ever read on this forum. God bless you man, I wish you stay healthy for the rest of your life and help others heal too along the way.
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Jarred » 02 Sep 2019, 15:21

Thank you for taking the time to write Abu and the Kind words, it means a lot to know that maybe someone has less pain by reading the post, I wish you and all also the same. Bless
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Aljo41 » 03 Sep 2019, 05:57

Hi Jarred

Thank you for taking the time to write your comprehensive post. I had an AF about 2 years ago and I managed to cure it with GNT cream however it is now back with a vengenance. It was so welcoming and comforting to read your post and feel HOPEFUL instead of sorrowful. I have written down every single thing that you did to cure yourself and every medicine you took and I am going to follow your methods to the letter. I really don't want surgery (who does?!) so I am hoping that your procedures with a positive mindset will cure me. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks once again for taking the time to share your experiences. God bless the internet!

:thanx: :Rock:
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Re: Healing + Cure = Pain Free LIFE AGAIN

Postby Jarred » 04 Sep 2019, 13:21

Hello there !

Ouch sorry to hear Mr.AF is back to visit, well we won't let him stay too long this time, not the first time you go through this so at least you are no amateur any more. ( healing will be faster ).

You don't need surgery trust me, your body will heal itself. As for the pain, try to disconnect and be the observer of it, its there allready, might as well try another approach on it. Don't let your head down, even if at the moment it doesn't feel like it for you, I know you for sure you will get through this.

Please don't hesitate and post any questions or anything, I get an email and will respond as soon as possible.

Wishing you the best
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