Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

How I’m managing 2 fissures plus diet

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Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

Postby Fibergirl » 08 Jul 2020, 07:05

Good Morning all!!!

Yesterday, after a month of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) I had a painless BM. Here is the back story

When I was in high school, I had a fissure and hemorrhoids. The fissure healed but I still had skin tags from hemorrhoids and a flair up here and there. Last month I was horribly constipated and strained while pooping, BOOM! Fissure. It would pain me when I pooped, and after I pooped my bum would be on fire for the rest of the day :( I was becoming so depressed and hopeless. I would strain on the toilet because I felt like I had poop stuck in my rectum or something, when in all actuality it was just the swelling of my hemorrhoids (bad idea, because this made it way worst). I tried changing my diet and increasing my fiber (bad idea again, because increasing my fiber meant larger stools). I had a stool so large I created ANOTHER fissure ;( NOW I HAVE TWO! I’m 25 with a pretty active life style and this slowed me down so much. I was fed up and had to attack this thing aggressively. It won’t get the best of me and I won’t let it get the best of you either! Let’s get to the good stuff on what worked for me. Here is the layout, 1. The diet. 2. The routine 3. Tips 4. Mental

But first a quick overview Incase you don’t want to read all of that.

1. If your poops are large you may want to consider cutting down on the fiber. If this sounds like you “I’m eating a lot of fiber and drinking water but I’m still constipated”. I don’t think you’re constipated. I think your stools are large and fluffy, but because they are so large from the fiber you are having to strain to push them since you probably have a bit of internal swelling form fissure and maybe hemorrhoids. Just MY opinion. Think about it and assess the situation for yourself.

2. Eat low fiber fruits and veggies in small portions. I limited myself to 1 protein for dinner.

3. Drink @ least 3 liters of water

4. MIRALAX SAVES LIVES. get some. It’s a gentle laxative that makes stools soft. Since I ate so light, I used the bathroom every other day and this gave my bum a rest.

5. Use Vaseline to lubricate your bum before you go. I put the Vaseline inside my anus and that gave me the best results...a painless poop. Even painless after! and honey, the pain before had me crying on the toilet with my mom on the phone. This is no exaggeration.

6. Stop doubting yourself. You can heal this. The body has natural healing properties. Remember, Jesus is a healer FOR SURE. I stopped fighting him so much and believed that he would see me through this. Shortly after, I was relieved of pain from the first fissure, a few days after that pain from the second fissure lessened.

The diet
1. Water, approximately 3 liters a day. I didn’t drink fruit juice or any of those things, just water all day, every day.

2. I only ate fruits (I avoided a lot of high fiber fruits but I’ll get to that in a second), yogurt bowls, someeeeee green plants (raw spinach and kale with a salad) and sometimes a piece of protein (usually chicken or salmon) for dinner. Listen, are you a foodie? Because I am (love me some steak, burgers, hot dogs you name it!!) and if EYE can stick to this diet for two weeks baby you can too!!

3. Small portions folks, you don’t want a large BM. My idea of small portions looks like

Breakfast: 2 small individual containers of yogurt, with fruit, tsp. of coconut flakes, a small drizzle of honey.

Lunch: 2 cups of watermelon

Dinner: 2 handfuls of spinach mix with 1 protein and less than half a cup of fruit.

The Routine
1. Because I was eating so light, I could use h the bathroom every other day and this gave my booty time to rest. This works best IMO

2. After ever BM soak booty in warm water. I just sit in the tub for 20 minutes and make sure water can get to fissure to sooth it.

3. On my poop days, I take miralax and it is a LIFE saver. It is a gentle laxative that adds WATER to your stool. It does not BULK stool which causes stool to get larger. It works within 1-2 days but I usually get results the same day because I drink so much water.

4. THIS HELPED THE MOST!!! Lube the anal area up with coconut oil, get a pair of gloves and some Vaseline and lube the inside of your anus with Vaseline really reallllyyy good.

5. When you go to poop, if it is not too painful, prop your feet on something so you’re in a squatting position. I used my laundry basket

6. Don’t push. I know you’re thinking “how the heck is it going to come out if I don’t push”. Listen, get in your best poop position and RELAX your nerves. The poop isn’t going to kill you I promise, you will get through it but it’ll be easier to get through if you relax. Now, relax your anal muscles so you’re not straining them, and contract your abdomen, I will include video from YouTube on how to do so. The poop should slide out.

1. EYE chose to stay away from high fiber. When I ate a lot of fiber it made my poops soft but so big that I got ANOTHER fissure. Yes TWO fissures at once.

2. Put some non scented wipes in your fridge so when you go you have something cool to wipe your bottom with. Feels great!

3. I applied coconut oil and nifedipine cream 3 times daily. The nifedipine cream is a prescription from my doctor. It helps relax the sphincter.

4. I would place a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil on the outside of anus to ease some of those spasms.

The Mental
1. I know, this seems like a never ending cycle. I know it feels like no one really understands. I know it’s not a situation you can openly explain to people “hey! No sorry, I have to cancel plans my butt hurts today”. I know the burning. The dreading of going to bathroom I know and you’re not alone!!! Literally yesterday was my first breakthrough. But the body is an amazing thing! I don’t believe Jesus would create our bodies to not have healing properties. Please, practice being optimist. Stop the “I remember when this wasn’t an issue” or “I wish I could eat what I want”. Guys, those days are coming - for sure. Let’s buckle down and get through this rough time and it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

2. Look at this forum for tips, not for your life sentence. Everyone’s body is different. What works for him may not work for you. You have to find what works for YOU baby. It doesn’t matter how OUTRAGEOUS it is. If it’s safe, healthy, and working DO THAT! Just because person A. is having a hard time healing does not mean that you will have that same issue. AND IF YOU DO! That’s alright too because I assure you a healing will occur. It’s all about creating a regimen and staying consistent.

3. Somehow, I came across a thread about Jesus being a healer? I’ve been so angry with him, like “how could you let this happen to me?” In reality EYE let this happen by not taking care of my body. It happens, but regardless he is seeing me through. I prayed and believed he would help heal me...a few days later I didn’t have any pain from 1 of my fissures. The mind is a powerful thing. Keep your faith, and stay optimistic. You will heal and I speak that into existence! I believe you have the power to.

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Re: Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

Postby chachacha » 08 Jul 2020, 09:31

And if you're an atheist, like me, the power of positive thinking works really well on its own too!
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Re: Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

Postby Mody » 05 Aug 2020, 18:28

Thank you so much for the positivity, as someone who‘s been crying everyday for the last month thinking about my future, I honestly needed this. I’m on my 9th day pain free but my head is just full of negativity that I might never heal and that it’s just temporary relief and that I have to accept it and live with it. Thank you again
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Re: Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

Postby Fibergirl » 07 Aug 2020, 14:56

That’s so great! Don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. Be optimistic, you have more things going for you than against because 1. You probably know your triggers now. 2. You know how to heal. 3. You’re already on day 9 of no pain so you’re good to go! Continue to practice good regimen and you’ll be fine.
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Re: Healing in Process! Tips + Painless BM

Postby Lynn » 16 Sep 2020, 07:17

Thanks for your encouragement Fibergirl! I have the same mentality regarding our bodies' ability to heal on its own. We have to trust God and the bodies He gave us and truly believe that He put things in place for our bodies to be in homeostasis. I've been dealing with Anal Abcess and now Anal Fistula since January 2020 which was basically an infection that did not fully drain thus body started creating tracks toward the outer skin to create an escape for the pus to come out. This Fistula has given me a lot of discomfort and feverish symptoms, and anxiety I never had before (i thought I caught COVID lol). I saw CRS only to confirm I had Fistula in July 2020 and immediately shut down her idea to do surgery and told her I can't wrap my head around the complications a surgery could cause, maybe not now but yrs down the road. She warned me the fistula will keep opening if I allow it to go on without the surgery and if I can live w that then obviously it's my choice, but There's a small chance of it turning cancerous.

Anyway, since I saw my CRS, I've had 3 active fisutulas in a span of 2 months between July and August, all acute drainage/infection. 3 weeks ago I adapted a whole fruit and veggie diet that's kept my symptoms at bay. I'm so thankful to the Lord for giving me the faith and endurance to try to conquer this disease on my own. I know this is only the beginning of a powerful healing but God is teaching me patience and trust through this process.

My tips for natural healing of fistula includes strict bedtime routine and drinking collagen for skin to heal. I eat garlic everyday, take a spoonful of manuka honey and some plant roots as supplement. I do sitz bath every night and apply aloe Vera gel on the fistula opening every night. All this has been helping and I know I'll have to keep up at it for a long time but Im happy to put in the hard work to reap the reward in a year or 2. Happy healing!
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