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Postby Mike60 » 14 Oct 2020, 03:39

Hello everyone I'm new on here but from the UK I'm.not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I've suffered with haemorroids on+ off for few years now along with ibs About 2+half weeks ago had an incident when passing stool that left some bright coloured pinky blood in bowl+ on paper but none in my stools It settled down but it's flared up again but without any blood I've been straining too hard on toilet last few days Went to see my gp yesterday and did the examination It was quite painful at front, probably a tear through straining but he's referred me to specialist just to be on safeside+ rule other things out because he also felt a hard lump inside too, he did say though that it could possibly be the tear healing+ scarring up that's making it hard too I don't have any pain in abdomen when emptying bowels+ never have and general health is great for my age ,but I'm worried sick about this Anybody else had these sort of issues please?
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Postby patience_and_healing » 04 Dec 2020, 22:44

Hi there, have you had any improvement since you posted here? Fissures are honestly one of the worst things to suffer with. They are so unexpected and can turn life upside down. Make sure you take regular stool softeners, (non stimulating), with plenty of water so that your body has a chance to heal.
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