Hello world! Today I found out this forum!

My newly experience of AF

Please come in! Start your own personal thread, tell us a bit about yourself...and your fissure, of course. Welcome!

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Hello world! Today I found out this forum!

Postby Somehowalive » 13 Feb 2018, 11:05

Good day, to anyone who reads this!

Id like to begin with a short introduction to AF.

So I made some choices in my life under intoxication that lead me to have an AF. About a year ago I have hooked up with a guy after a night of drinking. After hooking up “with this well endowed man”, I was feeling hurt, but wasn’t sure what was it. Then came the moment I went for a BM. It felt like giving birth to a baby made out of shattered glass and holding a million razor thing blades scraping me along the way. Somehow that didn’t last for long for a few days, but that really made me wish to stop eating since I couldn’t allow myself to go through that again.

Now, a year later, never learning from my mistakes, I hooked up with another person, who also was of similar characteristics and was inexperienced. That aparently reopened the AF. (Not sure if you can reopen it or create a new one) The difference this time was that it was longer than a few days... it lasted for a week almost. This is when I decided to go and see a proctologist and discovered that this is indeed not only the “common” AF, but as well having multiple small ones all around.

Now. I have a series of questions I’d like to clarify.

Firstly, how do I know if I got Acute AF or chronic? And can acute AF transform into chronic?

Second, if I would encounter a similar situation, is there anyone who has experience living with AF and being a gay man? How do you prepare? Is there something you do that helps you, to avoid this?

Thirdly, how does excersise affect AF? Can I swim, ski, run? (I’ve stopped while going through this)

And lastly, does it get any better?

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Re: Hello world! Today I found out this forum!

Postby mcintj1212 » 03 Jan 2020, 18:04

If you're still looking to discuss this feel free to get in touch. I've had fissures and a fistula with surgery and am back to bottoming with no issues. It is possible.
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