Help? Internal fissure/hemorrhoid advice?

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Help? Internal fissure/hemorrhoid advice?

Postby SJkid39 » 07 Nov 2016, 20:55

I'm new here so please excuse me if this isn't the correct spot to post. Im really in the need of some advice. Over a year ago I had discomfort from sitting. I ended up seeing a urologist who diagnosed me with chronic pelvic pain/prostatitis. He said he believed my condition was more of a tension issue than a prostate issue. He instructed me to take warm baths, donut cushion, and prescribed me 25mg elavil at night. Fast forward to about 3-4 months ago, i had a few stools that were difficult to pass. I noticed some mild irritation after. I start increasing my fiber and I started to go easily again and the pain subsided. Then very recently with the last 4-6 weeks I had another episode of constipation which flared the symptoms up again. I noticed blood on the toilet paper once. I ended up seeing a regular doctor who said he believed it was an internal hemorrhoid or fissure and advised me to take docusate sodium 100mg morning and night and only occasionally he said to take Senna lax when needed. This has helped some but I am still finding a few stools a week being hard to pass and I know I can't take senna a lot because you become dependent and I don't want that.. I decided to schedule to see my urologist who I see in 4 days because maybe it's the elavil or my pelvic pain syndrome causing it? I also scheduled to see a proctologist but that won't be until mid December. Any advice on what I can do to help help until then? Does anybody else here also have cpps/prostatitis like me? Thanks so much. I am 17 by the way.
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Re: Help? Internal fissure/hemorrhoid advice?

Postby Canadabum » 08 Nov 2016, 16:56

Hi SJ kid -- sorry to hear you are dealing with these issues...but Welcome to the place where hopefully you can find some answers and hear from others who have dealt or are dealing with similar issues.

So because you are not sure what you are dealing with -- makes sense that you would want to keep things soft and moving regularly. Many on this board swear by Miralax/Retoralax to help keep things soft. I have used it and use it when needed -- I find I only need a teaspoon per day max (the dosage is approx 4.5 teaspoons if you follow the bottle). You may want to give it a try until your appointment...just so that you keep it soft and not further cause any pain/damage.

Some are concerned about long term use of is an osmotic laxative that basically draws water in to your colon to make things soft. My personal opinion -- it has not been hamful to me over a long term period (over a year)...but if I dont have to use it i dont...but have no problem using as needed.

Aside from that I would make sure you eat a diet of non-processed foods (stay away from fast food etc) and make sure you are eating a good amount of soluble and insoluble fiber....but not too much of each as you dont want to bulk up your stool too much. Eat with intention and try not to overeat if that is ever an issue for you...cause whatever goes in must come out.

Hope that helps a bit and hopefully others will chime in.

Best - Canadabum
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