help me :(

chronic anal fissures

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help me :(

Postby owowow4444 » 14 Feb 2016, 17:30


i'm a 21 year old female and I've been dealing with fissures for probably 2-3 years. They've never been serious. Maybe like one small tear a month from a hard bowel movement. I'd have a little blood on the toilet paper and BM's would hurt a little for a day or two but then it would heal on its own after softening my stool.

About 3 days ago I had a hard BM that tore me pretty bad. I thought it would be just like the other ones but unfortunately, it was not. I guess it got worse over the next few days that by the 2nd day I had to run a bath before every BM so that I could jump in right after. The pain was getting pretty bad so I was putting Vaseline on it before and after every BM. This was a Friday evening so I planned to call for a colorectal appointment Monday morning. However, Saturday the pain got even worse. And Sunday was the bad day.

I had a BM Sunday morning and the pain was unlike anything I've felt before. It was so bad that I fainted onto the bathroom floor and woke up surrounded by my own feces. It was traumatizing. I went to the ER and they examined me, gave me hydrocortisone cream and told me to follow up with the colorectal surgeon. I've been eating a lot of fiber to soften my stool but unfortunately, that makes me have a BM 3-4 times a day. I can't stand the pain, I almost faint every time even with the cream they gave me. I can't imagine another day of this.

I'm also going on a medical mission trip to Peru in 12 days and I won't be able to go if this is not healed. Please someone give me some hope :(
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Re: help me :(

Postby kanegrew » 20 Feb 2016, 15:31


I am completely new to this, just got diagnosed and haven't even been to see a GI doctor or surgeon yet...Monday is my appointment. I am right there with you on the pain though and need some help too. I don't know what to do. I really hope you get to feeling better though. If I hear anything from the doctor on Monday, I'll post something on here to let you know...
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Re: help me :(

Postby brokenbottom » 21 Feb 2016, 08:22

Hello owowow4444

So sorry to hear of your experience. Sounds really scary. I do hope that you have been to see someone and that you are getting some help now. I'm suffering too - been through the various creams and had botox last week. Waiting to see if that does the trick.

All I can say is be really careful about your diet - seems like just one day can mess things up - and keep going back to your doctor until you get the help you need.

Really hope things sort themselves out for you. You're so young your potential to heal is good I'm sure.
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