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help please read

Postby kbhappy2 » 16 Jul 2021, 06:47

13 years ago I did a 3 day hike in the Grand Canyon and dehydrated myself. I essentially ended up constipated and when I did finally pass a bowel movement I tore myself open. I was clueless at the time and in so much pain. I could not walk about one week. Turned to suppositories and ice packs. Finally saw a proctologist who Dx- anal fissure, recommended daily fiber supplement and a sigmoidoscopy. Due to financial reasons I could not do the procedure and continued home treatment. It healed over a month or so but always reoccurs. The occasional bloody bowel movement occurred every few months. My go to was always to stop eating, increase water intake and use suppositories dipped in coconut oil.
2017 I saw a colorectal surgeon who gave me the Nitro compound ointment and recommended LIS or botox. At this point I had a small skin tag forming but was able to handle my symptoms at home. For almost 4 years I was symptom free. I still don’t quite get why things escalated recently as I eat high fiber, exercise and consume tons of water. Well I went thu a divorce and when the husband moved out I think stress sent me over the edge.
I had a mildly painful bowel movement with scant blood and thought, “wow haven’t had this in years.” Then over the course of a week things down there started to swell. I figured it was a hemorrhoid and repeated my usual course of no eating, lots of water and suppositories. I wasn’t sleeping much at the time as I work nights and sometimes wear myself out. Anyways the swelling continued to about the size of a ear lobe or more. This was right next to my fissure so it essentially was a cut wrapped around swelling tissue. I tried working one shift and knew something was wrong. Sat on ice pack about 4 hours of that shift. Told myself I would take a hot bath and see if I could manipulate the tissue back inside of me. NOPE! Couldn’t do it… called out sick for the next 8 days. Immediately saw a colorectal surgeon thinking – ok I’ll do the botox now… He recommended LIS as my issue has been reoccurring on and off for 10plus years despite me taking preventative measures. I was upset, I cried and left the office and saw my PCP.
PCP agreed that if wasn’t ready for surgery that I could continue conservative home treatment. However this new tissue mass wasn’t subsiding. I decided to seek a second opinion from a female Surgeon with more experience. She also immediately recommended LIS. It took me a few days to process but I scheduled the surgery for 7/28. I’ve also seen a gastroenterologist who ordered a colonoscopy for 7/26.
I’m anxious, I’m frustrated and now I’m somewhat healed but I spent basically a week in the bath tub or laying on my stomach with a pillow under my hips. I get the spasms that basically feel llike your asshole is frozen or stuck and burning. It hurts to cough and laugh. Sometimes it feels like there is something ripping at my tailbone. Sitting just sucks. I use prep H suppositories dipped in coconut oil, calmoseptine ointment, the nitro compound ointment and lidocaine gel for relief. My first step every morning was to take a bath and drink 1L water. I’m up to about 3-5L/day + Metamucil . This is a small nightmare and was manageable for almost 13 years! I also found a lot of relief from the sqatty potty.
My go to meals are oatmeal + an apple and raisins all cooked til soft or salmon, avocado and broccoli cooked with olive oil, garlic and lemon. I avoid breads, chocolate (specifically snickers and Nutella), fried foods etc…
Ironically I am a nurse in the operating room and saw LIS performed today. Its rough but I’m told has almost 90% success rate. I’m terrified of infection or fecal incontinence but also cant live my life knowing I might be out sick from work for weeks at a time with no real warning. I’m sick of feeling guilty that I ate the wrong thing or just ate too much. These forums are my only help with people that understand the pain.
During LIS they will also remove the skin tag that now protrudes from my anus. I knew all these years that I had a small one there but had no clue that the scar tissue would build up and grow. I’m afraid that the small external hemorrhoid will somehow interfere with the procedure. I’m afraid that I will get an infection or have fecal incontinence. I’m scared this is more of a connective tissue problem than the blood flow/muscle tone problem that the LIS will treat. I’m scared of more hemorrhoid. Any response is appreciated. Its just good to know I’m not alone.
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Re: help please read

Postby Fissurefrustration » 28 Jul 2021, 12:45

Hi, sorry someone hasnt replied to you sooner. I'm also a nurse and work nights - you are not alone at all. sometimes knowing all the medical stuff can make our anxiety worse - my best advice is have faith in the team and know you aren't the first or the last to go through with this surgery.

your diet sounds good, make sure you are drinking enough water and get some rest. take some time off if you need it and invest in a heat pack - sit on that for 20 mins after a bowel motion its very relaxing.

let me know if I can help with anything

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Methods tried:
GTN cream - migraines!
Manuka Honey / Coconut oil / Aloe
tag excision X 2, botox x 3
dilatation 2 X daily + Retin-C Vitamin Scar Treatment Oil 2 X daily - best thing ever.
Now pain free 2/7/21
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