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colonoscopy with fissure?

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Hi, new here

Postby bummerforme » 31 Aug 2018, 14:11

I have had a fissure since about February. My internist referred me to a surgeon who prescribed the nitroglycerine ointment and told me to take Colace. I have been trying to drink more water and eat fiber, such as raisin bran, vegetables, salads, and prune juice. I have taken hot baths but only once a day. I had about two weeks in May in which I felt better, then it came back. My gastroenterologist referred me to a different surgeon who prescribed nifedipene, or whatever it's called. It's like diltiazem. I've been on that a week and it is not helping so far. Is Nifedipene as good as diltiazem?

I am often in pain for up to 8 hours after an a.m. b. m. I take one Tylenol a day for pain. Ibuprofen seems to work better but am afraid it'll damage my stomach. I have not taken stool softeners just lately because I read they can be bad long term. Am just getting tired of this and am considering the surgery. Am to go back to the surgeon in two weeks. The first surgeon said the first treatment rather than surgery would be botox but it sounds like it is just a temporary fix. My quality of life has gone way down.

Also I seem to have developed IBS. Seems like spasms in the lower GI tract might affect the entire tract. ? I feel overall discomfort in my gut, which might be bloating. Have some pain in lower gut area. I had some diagnostic tests done, an ultrasound from gyn doctor and a CAT scan. Both negative. The gastro dr. thought a colonoscopy might be advisable but he says it is very unlikely I have any cancer. I guess if it's colitis or something like that they'd see it . I'm afraid to have a colonoscopy though because the prep is apt to make the fissure worse. Anyone have experience with that?
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