I finally had LIS...weird feeling

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I finally had LIS...weird feeling

Postby Sorebum36 » 25 Aug 2018, 17:01

Hi everyone.

Long time lurker here.

So, I finally did it. After 10+ years of dealing with an on and off fissure, I finally had LIS + fissurectomy and skin tag removal this past Thursday Aug 23. Recovering going well. No pain, just slight discomfort at incision site. Had my first post op bm today, and just a tiny bit of poop came out, no pain, after that 2 more bms, again only a bit of poop. A 3rd bm, the same. There is little blood but no pain more than the sore feeling in the incision site... it just feels funny, like the poop is coming little by little and although it is soft (taking miralax, lots of fluids, fruits, veggies, etc) I do have to strain a little. I notice there is swelling down there, so I assume this type of bm is normal? I did have general anesthesia, stayed overnight at the hospital with zero food until 6pm yesterday...I guess the consistency and amount of bms will get back to normal soon?
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Re: I finally had LIS...weird feeling

Postby mike1971 » 25 Aug 2018, 19:12

Hello. Yes from my experience bowel movements can be affected after surgery. There are many factors such as the use of general anesthetic, pain medication, your diet, lack of exercise, and stress which can throw off your regularity.

Don't worry it will resolve with time usually. It may take days, weeks, or even months with some.

I'm no expert, so maybe a few others could chime in aswell.

My well wishes.
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