I have three assholes. Please help.

There are strange valley-like holes above and below my anus

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I have three assholes. Please help.

Postby FML2017 » 18 Nov 2017, 16:29

Ahoy there fellow sufferers! I bet you were expecting this to be a troll thread, but it's far from it. This is as real as it gets folks! Graphic content is included, so watch at your own risk!

Background story:
I'm a man in my late twenties who have battled re-occuring external and internal fissures of various degrees of severity since the age of 16. Most of the external issues have been attributed to a rare skin condition resembling eczema that I've been so extremely blessed have around my anus, leading to small cracks in the skin and a strange potent discharge that smells like a mixture of color crayons, wax candles and cigarette smoke.

The internal fissures started in my early twenties in correlation with the emergence of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We're talking real major cracks and blood here, ladies and gentlemen. I've been through a lot of creams over the years and Diltiazem is by far the most superior cream that I've tried. It works wonders compared to Rectogesic that gives me severe headaches. The internal fissures still come and go, but they aren't that severe anymore (thankfully).

The problem today:
Anyway. After more than a decade of involuntary anal abuse made by mother nature, my anus is left in a really sorry state. My muscle coordination down there is somewhat impaired and I frequently suffer from incomplete evacuation. Random gas incontinence has also plagued me for the last 5 years, leading to suidical thoughts, olfactory paranoia and severe depression. :dunno:

I decided to take some pictures of my pathetic excuse of an anus to get a better understanding of its twisted anatomy. I discovered that I basically have three assholes; One anus and two valley-shaped holes above and below it. I can't really decide what these valleys are.

Are they deep-going scars from previous anal fissures or are they perhaps undercover fistulas?


Picture 1 - Taken with lightning:

Picture 2 - Taken without lightning:

One thing that's really weird is the fact that the valley closest to my scrotum has a strange connection with my penis, as if there's a nerve there that's completely exposed. If I wipe that area in a certain way, it triggers a sharp stinging sensation in the middle of my penis. It's really messed up. What is that even?

Can you please help me to identify what these valley abominations are and what the likely culprit is/was? I appreciate your assistance and your honesty.

Thanks in advance! :heart:
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Re: I have three assholes. Please help.

Postby Mypoorbutt » 19 Nov 2017, 08:16

Oh my goodness that looks extremely painful. You really need to see a good CRS I wouldn’t like to guess but the long one certainly looks like a fissure and perhaps scar tissue.
Have you been tested for crohns when your IBS was diagnosed have your fissures been tested for peri anal crohns.
I have crohns and my fissure came from years of pure liquid acidic BMs some of them my own fault for eating what I wanted and not keeping on top of my meds....well my fissure has totally changed that.
I’m allergic to diltiazem but love GTN. I had Botox which gave me some pain free months and LIS this time last year which has seen me pain free apart from when my IBS or IBD plays up.
I really hope you can find a CRS to help you, maybe do some research and perhaps pay for a private consultation and then ask to go on their NHS list which most private surgeons do.
Good luck
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Re: I have three assholes. Please help.

Postby Nik88 » 19 Nov 2017, 08:59

This is a severe chronic case..Go to the doctor asap.
I think that the area is so vulnerable and the skin so sensitive that cant heal these cracks..Only a doctor would tell..it is a severe case and i do not take the responsibility to give any advice..
But seriously this think came out on nothing? Only bm?.
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