I need help w/ Anal Scarring!!

Scarred Exterior Anal Skin

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I need help w/ Anal Scarring!!

Postby endfissure2013 » 13 Aug 2016, 18:47

I had several (over 3) excisional hemmorhoidectomies, where they remove skin, and now the skin in the 6 o'clock anterior anal position is scarred up! It's very tight and doesn't stretch much at all. I know I need skin grafts because that's an obvious fix. I can't get help from anyone, and I'm getting very depressed over this. I can't live like this! I hope that someone with a medical background can help me!
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Re: I need help w/ Anal Scarring!!

Postby Savaici » 16 Aug 2016, 07:29

Sorry you are going through this. We do not offer medical advice here and suggest you tell your doctor what is going on. Also, read SuzyLjank's posts as they might help you as she had fairly intensive surgery. Her doctor told her to use dilation, which worked. Hope you are seeing a good CRS to help you with this. Sometimes it seems they are clueless :evil:

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