In hell since 12 years. Need Help!!!! Want a normal life.

I've chronic fissure from past 12 years. Its so painful i cant take it anymore. depressed!

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In hell since 12 years. Need Help!!!! Want a normal life.

Postby Avitanshi » 14 Feb 2018, 18:35

I was in class 6th and after one too many stomach infections , i got fissure. In starting no one knew what was happening so for a lot of months there was no treatment for fissure i just used to go in 6-7 days time and stool was hard, blood, itching pain. All night day pain. Then went into alopathy. Many doctors. Lots of laxatives, ointments, got bit better but then meds had side effects on me, got colitis then fissure was again on its extreme. I switched to homeopathic then. Many doctors. Meds worked i got a bit better for couple months but then the doctor disappeared so again fissure was back. I have severe constipation and the stool is always so hard and it takes so much force and its very painful, like jagged glass.. Its like i had to force a lot and there's so much pain and then for the next two days i'm very dizzy and weak and then after 3-4 days i start to feel this really knife like pain in my anus and rectum. And then that happens every two mints that knife senstation. And that agony continues till I go. Everything i do hurts in there. Sneezing, coughing, walking, sitting. some years there was blood but then meds helped a bit and atleast the bleeding stopped.
Still the fissure didnt heal at all, the constipation remains, for a lot of years it has been like i go once in 13 days.. - 17 days. So much pain. Like pushing nails. Sometimes even 19 or 20 days. And going in 2 3 days also hurt And because of it i've got anxiety disorder and depression from some years and that caused many more illness to me like GERD and some more things and they physically and mentally wreck havoc on me. And i've some other chronic illness too, all painful for past 11-12 years. I cry every night i just cant take it anymore. I've been strong but its just so many years.
I have done everything. Fiber diet, ointments, meds, laxatives. Nothing cured me.
Please i'm open to all suggestions. I'm just 22 years old my whole childhood ruined.. I want to live a normal life and I have to do so much in career i wont be able to with this problem.
Please help. I'll be forever grateful for the help!
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Re: In hell since 12 years. Need Help!!!! Want a normal life

Postby Vishal » 14 Feb 2018, 20:23

Hi there

Im very sorry to hear of your ordeal. I had fissure and hem probs but nothing like what you described. Your name sounds like you are of indian origin. I also am of indian ancestry. When i was having constipation problems i used triphala capsules and that worked like a miracle. I had a bowel movement everyday but it was very hard and required alot of straining. The triphala really fixed that issue for me so much so that after one bottle i didnt had to reorder a next bottle. Occasionally i would still have a hard bm now and again and that would cause bleeding and pain. I have had my fissure for about 4 yrs. A couple months back i started using coconut oil with every meal and that reduced the pain to a very tolerable extent. I still have pain when i sit down but apart from that im seeing progress. You do take awhile to have bms. When i feel constipated i eat a medium size breakfast and dinner and i have fruits for lunch with lots of water in between. And that always work in getting a bm the next day for me. Also you should try a magnesium supplement preferably magnesium citrate. Thats s safe alternative to a laxative. Try also consuming more soups for meals especially when its been awhile since you had a bm.
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