Increasing blood flow to the area? Resting pressure?

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Increasing blood flow to the area? Resting pressure?

Postby Fissure boy24 » 06 Feb 2018, 17:51

Hello I am new here. I've had a chronic anal fissure for 2 years. I hope you all are getting better with your fissures because it is a horrible thing to go through.

I recently got a small accute fissure. As a 24 year old it makes me sad to see this happening again with school taking most of my time.
I cannot see a doctor right now due to lack of insurance, but my question is what is the best ways to promote blood flow to the area so my accute fissure can heal?
Doesn't matter wether I stand or sit or sleep I can feel it stinging. Which is the best positition to sleep in for it? My accute fissure is on the right side with my chronic on the left. I'm worried focusing in healing my accute fissure now.
I read on this board about something called resting pressure too and how lowering it can help healing . I need your help on this because I know time is precious when it comes to healing thse things. Please and thank you all.
Fissure boy24
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Re: Increasing blood flow to the area? Resting pressure?

Postby Mypoorbutt » 07 Feb 2018, 05:02

Sorry to hear your suffering. Sitz baths are great at lowering the pressure and increasing blood flow to the area which will help with healing. Is there any way you can get your GP to prescribe some cream like diliatazem or GTN as this will also help a lot.
There is no way to permanently reduce resting pressure apart from LIS and even then it can restore itself just like any other muscle
Good luck
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