Intense pain since bowel prep

Colonoscopy gone wrong

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Intense pain since bowel prep

Postby usmd0925 » 22 Jun 2017, 20:49


This morning I had a colonoscopy (28F) for some GI issues I've had over a decade. I was told to use Prepopik as my prep (fairly unpopular from what I understand here in the US). It required a low fiber five day prep diet (hardly a BM- I have gastroparesis so no surprise). I threw up much of the first dose which I only took at 7pm - 12 hours before my appointment, as instructed. I called the nurse who suggested I supplement with magnesium which I did right away. Not a single BM.

I took the second dose at 12:30am. I did not have a bowel movement until 4:30am. It was like releasing shards of glass or running a razor blade factory out of my behind. Unsurprisingly, even though I had the urge to go - and needed to clear out my colon ASAP- i didn't because of the pain.

I arrived to the procedure unit where I was given anesthesia, woke up towards the end of the procedure feeling intense pains (razors, again) in my anus, and yelled (under the influence of anesthesia and still slightly sedated), "STOP R*ping me" to the three male doctors in the room. They reassure me that I'm getting a colonoscopy, it's ok, it's surgical equipment etc. They also take this moment to tell me my bowels weren't clear and that they took biopsies. I of course knew my bowels weren't clear because my desire for a pain free life was able to beat my body's desire to empty. The pain was so intense that even passing gas was causing me a lot of trouble. It felt like razor blades even then!!

I told them. Nothing.

I called a nurse. She tells me, "you probably have hemorrhoid." I'm frantic on the phone and she connects me with the GI who did the procedure who tells me he thinks it's a fissure but that I should come back and see an urgent care doctor.

I went back and was matched to a woman urgent care doctor who told me she wasn't going to do a full rectal exam
Because I'd just had a colonoscopy- even though the prep was suboptimal and they didn't really look at my rectum during it... She looked surface level and saw hemorrhoid tags, gave me anusol. Upon doing so, she looked at me and said, "this too shall pass."

I started the anusol treatment eight hours ago and have experienced NO RELIEF from the discomfort of what feel like razor blades at war with my anus. I called my doctor four hours after first applying the anusol - still in severe pain - and his only suggestion is to wait it out.

Now I don't know what to do but I'm desperate for some support even if it's not going to stop the pain.
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Re: Intense pain since bowel prep

Postby Canadabum » 24 Jun 2017, 08:46

Welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear what you've been through. It boggles my mind how clueless some docs can be.

I don't know exactly what you are dealing with but from your glass shards and razor blade description it sounds like a fissure -- if so you should get yourself some fissure cream like nifedipine asap and see if that might help you heal. It is not a magic bullet that will heal you in a week or even take the pain away - but will help. For the discomfort I used heat(sat on heating pads), sometimes cold, ibuprofen, warm baths and sitz baths were great for me. Keep hydrated, eat well and keep it clean. Some also really benefit from using a stool softener like miralax to keep it soft while you recover.

Go to your personal doc or your CRS and tell them you need fissure cream...also ask them about pain management.

Good luck and keep us posted,
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