Is my fissure healing

acute fissure

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Is my fissure healing

Postby Jaybird1445 » 14 Aug 2016, 00:52

hai guys..

i never thought that a small cut in the anal region would hurt so much..i thought it would heal itself but boy was i after two days i met a gastrenterologist the doctor scared the shit outta me. i thought that any wound heal itself in a couple a days but she said a fissure in anal region a completely different ball game and its very complex.
So she diagnosed me with a an acute fissure and gave me a dilitiazem and lidocaine. dilitiazem to be applied in the morning after the bm and sitz bath and lidocaine to be applied before the bm. so i started the treatment on 1st of august and noticed the pain was the same for a couple a days and the pain started to come down gradually just after a week i started to notice a major decrease in pain levels now after two weeks the anal tone is reduced greatly and the fissure doesnt hurt anymore but the itch is intense after every bm so i called the doctor and asked she said the itch is due to the healing process and its a good thing.

so guys there are a lot of experienced people here please answer these questions.

1. when will the fissure heal completely so that i can eat meat again and drink beer(just cant resist these things)? likely is that the fissure will return again?
3.i dont have sentinal tag so is my fissure acute or chronic?
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Re: Is my fissure healing

Postby Buttpalsteven » 28 Aug 2016, 16:10

Hi Jaybird,

I hope you have found some relief by now.

1. Honestly, this completely depends on you. Your current health status makes a difference.. your diet, location of the fissure, size of the fissure, etc.. some people are healed in a matter of days. Some who are diagnosed with acute fissures don't heal and the tear becomes chronic.

2. Again, this is completely case dependent. If it is healable, and you do everything you can (creams, sitz baths, fiber, diet change) to allow it to heal you can be okay. However, for some - even for some of those who do everything they can to help it heal - the fissure returns.

3. Tags do not determine is the fissure is acute or chronic. Generally, if it heals in less than 8 weeks it is an acute fissure. Anything over 12 weeks is considered chronic (and becomes inherently more and more difficult to heal - for many, impossible without surgery).

Hope you have found relief!
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