Let's talk Bowel Movement Frequency/Consistency

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Let's talk Bowel Movement Frequency/Consistency

Postby Cporosus1 » 24 Aug 2015, 11:03

Hello everyone,

Like many of you I have undergone some sort of rectal/anal surgery in the past 12 months and also like many of you it left me paranoid and a bit of a hypochondriac, so now that I've got many of my other questions answered I figured I'd start with another question, its about poop frequency.

I have noticed that on some days I poop twice in the morning...usually 1.5-2 hours apart. Most days I poop 2-3 times, but back when I was doing heavy bulking for bodybuilding I was pooping sometimes 4-5 times a day. These poops are almost always well-formed (the ideal "torpedo" shape) and i don't get cramps or anything like that. However, I DID get an abscess that turned into a fistula last year and it got me worried that my "going so often" was a sign of some sort of IBD. Most of the people I mention my paranoid fears to laugh at me and say I don't have anything like that since I would have cramps or diarrhea or blood or weight loss or nausea, etc...of which I have none. I have read online and it looks like many bodybuilders have much more frequent bowel movements due to the amount of food being ingested (sometimes north of 5000 calories per day/6 meals). My fistulotomy as successful and my wound fully healed after 3 months (its been almost 8 months now). What do you guys think? Should I get a colonoscopy just to be sure or do you think that's being ridiculous?
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Re: Let's talk Bowel Movement Frequency/Consistency

Postby hurtinend » 24 Aug 2015, 19:17

Okay well...everyone is different, I poop once a day, a friend of mine told me his wife poops maybe once a week if she's lucky, wtf

Why get a colonoscopy seems average for you.
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Re: Let's talk Bowel Movement Frequency/Consistency

Postby hayleyw » 25 Aug 2015, 14:47

I wouldn't consider your bowel habits abnormal. The CRS told me anything from 3 times a day to 3 times a week is considered 'healthy'. If you're going 4 to 5 times that's probably because you are eating more than most. If you have no symptoms of a bowel condition (cramps, bloody diarrhoea, mucus in your poop etc) then i'd consider your bowels to be in better working order than most. Nice to be regular.
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