LIS infection, Incision and Drainage

Complications from LIS surgery

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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LIS infection, Incision and Drainage

Postby Toughcookie » 12 Oct 2022, 21:34

I finally had a LIS after three years of a chronic fissure. I tried everything prior. Diet, anti-anxiety meds, Rectiv, Botox <twice>.

My LIS was a couple weeks ago. I had general anesthesia and the surgery seemed to go well. Days following the surgery I was in more pain than before and could feel the stitch my surgeon put in pulling inside me... it was miserable. My health started declining five days after surgery and the pain increased so I went back to my proctologist/surgeon. I was afraid of infection seeing as I had yellow discharge and other infection symptoms.

He pulled my cheeks apart and I screamed in pain. I begged for a local before he went any further.

He quickly realized I had an infection and the site of my LIS needed to be reopened and drained. I, in serious pain and lightheaded from infection, did not realize what was about to happen. I would have demanded to be put under.

Without anything other than local anesthetic, he spread my sphincter wide open and proceeded to cut my stitch and reopen my incision. The pressure and feeling absolutely sent me over the edge and I screamed while holding my husband's hand. He was in there for minutes, but seemed like hours. I sobbed and begged for it to stop. I started feeling the blade inside me and howled. He even had to administer more local at that point. The shots were long and burned and I had three in my asshole.

When he finished, I continued sobbing and hyperventilating. I caught my breath and he sent us home fifteen minutes after.

On the two hour ride home, I passed out, pissed myself, and threw up everywhere in the backseat from "stress", as the nurse put it when my husband called frantically wondering what was happening to me.

This cannot be normal. It was the most inhumane thing I've ever seen let alone experience and I need to know if this is standard before seeking a lawyer.

FYI, it's been a week since my I&D and I seem to be healing okay after my antibiotic <Augmentin> is starting to work. Finally off pain meds.
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