LIS surgery and anal fissures

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LIS surgery and anal fissures

Postby Mommylife » 15 Nov 2016, 17:56

I had a Hemorrhoidectomy, 3 months ago. Due to it, I develop anal stenosis and anal fissures. I've had anal fissures also in the past. I'm in pain all the time. Some days easier than others. Depending how my BM goes. Saw a colon and rectal surgeon and she suggested having the LIS surgery done. I would be having LIS surgery done, skin tag removal, hemorrhoid surgery for internal hemorrhoids if she finds anything. My question how bad is the LIS surgery and how long will the recovery be? What are some things that need to be done during recovery to make it easier, since I have two small children, with very little help, besides
my husband. I'm already on high fiber diet lots of water by Rachel stool softeners ibuprofen for pain you name it I do it Trying to help. Been on all the creams as well
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Re: LIS surgery and anal fissures

Postby sandrasmiles7 » 14 Dec 2016, 01:03

For me LIS surgery wasn't too horrible. I was able to travel after one week across country. I also had lots of skin tags removed which causes so much itchy and may have been the more painful area. The skin tags had the most blood. I also have a baby and was told not to pick her up. I was told to freeze hot dogs and place them in the area which did help but they unfreeze pretty quickly. It would be helpful if you have a shower head that can be pulled down to clean the area. It's pretty hard to clean. It's also hard to wipe with toilet paper so a wet wash cloth would be easiest. The first two days sitting can be painful. When is your surgery?
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