LIS surgery - day 4 post op thoughts

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LIS surgery - day 4 post op thoughts

Postby ruchgupt » 01 Dec 2023, 10:12

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've been on the board. I lost my pw and can only log in through my one device still holding it! Lol.

Well, as expected, my fissure didn't get better. Nitro helped a bit but after a succession of retears, each worse than before, it was barely easing the pain. I went to a new CRS who told me it was probably best to skip Botox and go directly to surgery at this point and I was game. I ended up taking 12 weeks of leave from work (starting this week) for mental health reasons, so it dovetails with surgery recovery nicely.

I went in on Monday for LIS. It was a super easy procedure...I was in such pain beforehand that going in to get it done felt like a relief. Only trouble was it was scheduled for 2pm - so no food or drink that long sucked!

I was knocked out, and when I came to, apparently I was so happy to be done w the surgery I was crying! Lol. I was pretty doped up so don't remember CRS told my mom that I was spasming REALLY badly, so he's not surprised I was in pain. I believe he also took out a sentinel pile as well.

First day, there was minimal pain because I was still really drugged up. I got percocets to take home, but vowed I wouldn't take them unless desperate. Came back, ate oatmeal and salmon, and started adding 2 Colace to my capful of Miralax a day. Second day, first day post-Op, my first BM was SO easy, guys, and in fact, most my BMs since then have been great. The Colace has helped a lot. But I'm also only eating like 1000 calories a day and drinking 3L a day.

Pain has been disappointing. Blood, too. Still see loads of blood and discharge. And I'm unable to hold gas in - with leakage everytime I do have gas. The pain is different than fissure pain though - it's throbbing, sharp, and it lasts, but it doesn't feel as awful as fissure pain does. Not sure how to explain. I also had bad diarrhea the second night bc I was taking too much Advil to take the edge off the pain - will NEVER do that again bc oh MAN it hurt so much after. So sore I couldn't sleep. And randomly, I am finding my butt will clench REALLY hard and spasm - that hurts a lot and I'm not sure why it is happening. But sitz baths help.

All in all, at least four days post op, I am glad I did it. I am praying no complications or infections and that once my period comes, things don't go to hell with constipation ruining everything again. Time will tell.

But thought I'd update everyone!
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Re: LIS surgery - day 4 post op thoughts

Postby Peggydoo » 03 Dec 2023, 10:59

How are you feeling? My surgery is in 10 days…
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