LIS Surgery/Fissurectomy - After Care question/concern

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Re: LIS Surgery/Fissurectomy - After Care question/concern

Postby happyass » 23 May 2012, 18:32

Davo wrote:Hi Mike,
Your medications are a bit alien to me as i am in the UK but i think colace is the same as Dulcoease (Stool softeners), Metamucil is the same as Fybogel (fibre supplement drink).
For me personally i did initially use Fybogel (Matamucil) but i was already following a high fibre diet with wholemeal breads, bran, etc. so the extra fibre just made me bloat and gave me wind. The stool softeners also did help with the consistency however in the end my only medication was Movicol (I think you guys called it Miralax) - If you are not already using it this stuff is great and keeps everything soft like a toothpaste texture.
So as to your recvovery...
I think what most people fail to understand is that LIS does not actually repair the fissure so when you leave the hospital after surgery the fissure is still exactly the same (if not worse) than when you went in. Therefore it is important to continue adhering to the pre-surgery fissure diet. What worked for me was eating fresh soups, so not the tinned variety but the ones with large chunks of vegetables, lentils and generally good wholesome food.
Also once you feel comfortable enough to do so start exercising and get the blood flowing. So maybe take a daily stroll to the local park, mow the lawn and just generally get back on your feet.
What also worked for me was using cotton wool dipped in warm water to clean up after a BM rather than using toilet roll or baby wipes. Then i cleaned up using a shower head afterwards - infection is the biggest risk following LIS so it is very important to keep things as clean as possible.
Finally dont strain - Certainly for a few weeks dont try any heavy lifting or any actvity that will cause any of your body to strain as this will have the same effect as straining during a BM.
Recovery can take a little longer if you have had a fissurectomy as well as LIS but look after yourself and your recovery time will be significantly reduced.

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Re: LIS Surgery/Fissurectomy - After Care question/concern

Postby mike900 » 24 May 2012, 09:59

I am updating my recovery, it has been 2 weeks now afterr the surgery. I feel the lump has gone 90%, so lump is not a concern after Fissurectomy or LIS.
I am still keeping my diet in control. I do not see blood in the stool few days.
But yesterday I saw blood in stool, not sure if that is common after not seeing for few days.
One thing I noticed is most of the time during BM first 10% portion of stool is hard then rest of it is soft not sure what causing initial portion of stool hard is no idea. I am going check with my Nurse.
That is the update from my side.
Thanks Davo for you suggestions and information.
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Re: LIS Surgery/Fissurectomy - After Care question/concern

Postby Emm123 » 24 May 2012, 13:01

Blood after BM for me after asking the doctor, he said its fine. Once it isn't flowing as it was before but clear it with the doctor still. He said even after 4-5 weeks you can still see blood and I saw in a topic here 6-8 weeks a lil spot here or there is OK.
For me I'm getting a slight tinting on the paper after I wipe so its light red and sometimes closer to light brown.
And ya I had a similar surgery, LIS/fissurectomy
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