Miralax alternative? Healing? Manuka?


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Miralax alternative? Healing? Manuka?

Postby willthisend » 19 May 2020, 21:14

Hi Everyone,

My fissure appeared about 11 months ago after giving birth to my daughter. I strained and have regretted it ever since. I literally cry thinking about it. All the pain and time it has taken from me. Once prescribed, Diltiazem worked wonders right away. (Was on it for 3 weeks as ordered, but I now realize from reading posts that maybe that was not long enough) I pumped and dumped the whole time which was emotionally hard because I really wanted to provide my daughter with breastmilk. Once I started the cream, spasms were gone and no pain while going within a few days. I have not had a spasm since (over 9 months now) and have not had sharp pain when going like I initially did. Initially, I would have glass ripping pain and spasms for hours and hours - so bad I had trouble sitting and feeding my daughter. It was truly terrible and torturous. I really would rather give birth again.

Since then, once in a while when I pull back on routine of Miralax, Sitz bath, using Unpetroleum jelly before going, etc. I'll get some slight pain or burning but no spasms or blood. It goes away within a few days. Does this happen in the healing process? I'm assuming I'm not totally back at square one because I don't have spasms or blood, but I don't know if this is just wishful thinking. This is a terrible condition as you all know and really has taken a toll on my mental health and ability to be 100% for my one year old daughter which is what kills me the most.

My question is has anyone found a natural alternative for Miralax? Does Benefiber have similar results? I need something that will keep stool soft but not bigger! I'm petrified to stop but I'm hoping one day I can. I am taking half a dose each night and will hopefully continue dropping as time goes on.

Also, anyone get fully healed with Manuka honey? I have started applying it hoping it may keep that area healthy and healing.

I just pray one day this is a bad memory. It's so traumatizing that I can't even imagine getting pregnant again and pushing a baby out - which makes me sad and angry that something can have that control over my life.

Praying for healing for all and better days.
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Re: Miralax alternative? Healing? Manuka?

Postby dmcff » 22 May 2020, 14:47

In the U.K. there two alternatives to Miralax (often called Movicol over here) that are commonly prescribed: they are lactulose and Fybogel (Benefiber). I have tried both, but always returned to Movicol, as for me it's more effective. Some posters here have recommended Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). I'm sorry not be able to think of any more alternatives at present! Manuka honey had no effect for me at all, but I did try it. Sorry to hear of slow healing, and hope you feel better soon.
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Re: Miralax alternative? Healing? Manuka?

Postby MarkM » 26 May 2020, 12:16

What have seen alternative depends on person to person by trial and error.

On natural side
Psyllium Husk ( but makes bulk )
Benefiber ( results varies by person )
Triphala ( it has other benefit also and bitter taste ).
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Re: Miralax alternative? Healing? Manuka?

Postby gococonut » 06 Jun 2020, 23:25

I understand your pain and how overwhelming it can be, affecting our ability to partake in everyday activities. I have two chronic fissures that like to re-appear once in a while.
I have tried Benefiber. Sadly, I found it did not help my fissures. As a vegetarian, I already eat a lot of fibre; often I think there can also be such a thing as too much fibre (which can make the BM too bulky).
When it comes to softening stools, I found taking magnesium supplement to be the most effective (good nutrition is still important). I've tried many different varieties; for years now, I have been taking Osteocare tablets as suggested on the box (contains magnesium and calcium, overall 200 mg magnesium a day before bed with lots of water). Of course, discuss all changes with a doctor especially if you are taking any medicine or other supplements.

I have tried Manuka honey...it sadly didn't do much. But smells nice!

The one thing that does help my chronic fissures (which are often ok, but tend to flare up couple times a month) is using home-made all natural suppositories made from coconut oil (and some essential oils; I mostly add those for nice smell) that I keep in the freezer. Using these regularly helps the area be both moisturised and lubricated when the time for a BM comes...I feel that in my case that really helps prevent re-tearing.
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