More BMs after LIS! Ugh

Will it slow healing

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More BMs after LIS! Ugh

Postby Rachael 1984 » 07 Oct 2014, 03:27

Hi everyone....

Since LIS I'm having a problem with going for more BMs than I usually would..... This is getting annoying.
I was having 1 sometimes 2 prior to surgery, now I'm having 2 sometimes 3! I'm sure this isn't going to help the healing process. :groan:

Bonus is I don't have pain on BM and everything feels looser. After first BM I'm okay, no real bother, second one, irritated at incision site. 3 rd one which happened this morning, I'm sore all round and really itchy! I've been getting the annoying itch the last few days and the last few days I've had an improvement. Pre LIS 3Bms would have left me bed bound, so it's definitely not as bad as then..... I'm trying to look at the positives as I know it's hard to see them when you're going through recovery.

Now I'm taking 2 Movicol, 2 Vit C and 4 magnesium tablets. My diet is the same as is my routine with the meds prior to surgery. I'm on Naproxen for pain. I'm guessing I may need to reduce something so I'll try and reduce the Movicol again and see how that goes... I'm terrified of a hard stool....

Has anyone else who's has LIS found this happened? I'm thinking I never want to poop again! Lol. Wouldn't it be great! :Rock: :Rock: :afsmile:
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Re: More BMs after LIS! Ugh

Postby msimon » 07 Oct 2014, 16:06

Sorry to hear this Rachael. I know that botox into the internal sphincter made me poop all day long, sometimes 5-7 times. It was like any little amount up there had to come out! Many are what I wold call 'sharts'. lol. I would think it is either related to the supplements or the looser muscle. With time, when you regain tone then that should improve, I would think. Perhaps you could try cutting back a tiny bit each day to test that. When I was in that boat I always opted for more BMs rather than constipation or hard stool. It is the lesser of two evils. We are all different though. Have you been bathing much? I know warm baths really help with healing for me.

The itching sounds like a good sign though. It's also a good sign that you are not having pain with the BM. As long as things are soft and gentle I would think that this means you are not doing further damage which is great. So then every day after your BMs your body gets to heal. Each day a little more. You will win this eventually Rachael. It is the little victories to hold onto here. Sounds like you are doing great, considering all you have been through. :Rock:
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Re: More BMs after LIS! Ugh

Postby owmybum » 09 Oct 2014, 11:15

Msimon... Lol..... Sharts! Xx
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