Movicol problems - advice pleeeease!

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Movicol problems - advice pleeeease!

Postby banjobuddy » 29 Dec 2016, 08:07

I've been taking Movicol for about 3-4 years and had got it down to about 60ml twice a day (after breakfast and before bed). Then the fissure recurred and I upped it to 80-90mls for both doses. Now I'm getting very uncomfortably stringy flaky motions that go on and on, leaving me quite sore.

Even when I was taking the lower 60ml dose, I was having 3 bowel motions within a 4 hour period, with the second one generally stringy and endless. I'd love to get this sorted out to have maximum 2 bowel motions a day and softer but not flaky and often quite pungent.

If anyone also any thoughts on the following questions, I'd love to hear them :D

1. When I mix my Movicol sachet in 125ml of water, I save what I don't use of it in the fridge. I do the same with the next dose etc. and pour the remaining contents into the same glass in the fridge. By doing this, am I messing up the dosage or is this okay to do, rather than pour the extra down the sink? Basically, I'm getting an extra dose or two from the remaining mixture which I haven't used. Now I'm worried that by mixing several doses into one glass, I'm unknowingly unbalancing the Movicol/water ratios.

2. I heard ages ago that you shouldn't drink any more water for at least an hour after taking Movicol as it messes up the dosage. True or false? Now I'm wondering if this is just a bogus memory I have (?)

3. I have a very low calorie diet because of food fears (about 1100 calories a day). Could this lack of much food to bind onto be causing the weird bowel motions? Also any ideas on safe calorific food would be much appreciated :D

I did put in a Movicol question before, but it didn't receive any replies. I'm hoping a few members might have thoughts on taking the stuff as I'm losing faith in it because of the unwanted 'dramatic' results it's producing. I used to use Fibogel several years ago, but it was too bulk producing and would sometimes produce too large a stool to comfortably pass.

I'd love to produce nothing but type 4's on Bristol Stool Chart. But I tend to get a mixture of type 6 and stringy stools (not sure where these sit in the chart?). The characteristic is I pass one length, then I have to pass more and more - possibly 5 or 6 separate longish stringy stools and flakes which fill the toilet bowl.
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Re: Movicol problems - advice pleeeease!

Postby LemonMan » 30 Dec 2016, 17:55

Hi Banjo,

I use movicol every day at the moment and I must admit I am a bit haphazard with the measurements. For me personally I don't really notice any difference if I drink a cup of tea 20 mins afterwards for example.

As I understand it Movicol stops your body from absorbing water, and thus this water stays in the bowel keeping the stool soft. It does this via a substance called 'macrogol' which bonds with the water to form an 'iso-osmotic' solution - which I believe means it doesn't absorb water (from the body), nor hydrate the body. As there is only so much macrogol in a sachet I would have thought it can only bond with so much water to form the iso-osmotic solution, and any additional is just surplus water.

However, I am no expert and I'm happy to be corrected. Have a look at these links on how best to use it.

The good news is appears to be a very safe laxative as macrogol is completely inert, and just passes through the body.

Cheers, LemonMan
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