My cure: many small changes that helped


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My cure: many small changes that helped

Postby ans5492 » 13 Dec 2017, 17:34

I have been dealing with an anal fissure for years, aka: the worst hemorrhoids ever. I even had a surgery for it, which did absolutely nothing except cost thousands of dollars and need a long, disgusting recovery period for the discharge to stop coming out. If you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you how terrible it is, and how much it impacted my life. It’s hard to be positive when your ass rips open for the 500th time when you go to the bathroom.

Anyway, I’m posting this because after the surgery failed to make any difference I decided to try some home remedies, and now months later my ass is finally healed. I want to share what worked for me. It’s not any one thing, it was many small lifestyle changes that made all the difference.

1) Went vegetarian/pescatarian, or as close as possible. I learned that certain foods take longer to digest. The longer they stay in your gut, the more your body pulls moisture out of them. The dryer they get, the harder they are. By only eating things that are easy to digest, it started coming out noticeably softer. There were still bad BMs here and there, but this was the main difference maker. Basically, no fried or deep fried foods, or hoofed animals, and much more high fiber. I eat a lot of meat substitutes (frozen aisle at safeway) and beans. If those aren’t available I eat fish. No fish, I eat turkey. No turkey, I eat chicken. I always eat fiber with every meal, especially if there’s meat or cheese involved. (Giving up cheese was not an option for me, due to my addiction.)

2) Got the myfitnesspal app for my phone. Logged all eating and made efforts to hit my calorie and nutrition goals for each day. I discovered that I was eating too much fat, sugar, and calories, and not enough protein or fiber. Changing this made a huge difference.

3) Switched to high fiber and protein. A typical day started with spoon sized shredded wheat, and then I ate a fiber one bar with lunch and dinner. Basically, meat and cheese slow down your digestion. Plants digest quickly. Eating all meat and cheese means hard poop. All plants creates what I call “the salad shooter effect.” If you balance the two, it can come out perfectly. Anytime I ate anything that might be hard to digest, I ate a fiber one bar with it. (Large boxes of these can be had at costco. Smaller bars are at safeway. FYI: if your fiber is perfect, you might want gas pills also. I could always tell when I was eating perfectly because I farted a lot.)

4) Exercised and lost weight. Myfitnesspal and joining boxing classes made all the difference here.

5) Got a shower wand with a high pressure setting. My wife calls my shower wand, “your boyfriend.” It is an intimate friend who knows how to touch me just the right way. Basically, I stopped wiping for months. I had wet wipes with me for emergencies, but most of the time I would go to the bathroom, and then use the shower wand with warm to hot water to clean myself out. I also used the warm water to relax my anus before my BM, which made it easier when I was just starting to heal. I also used it whenever my ass was itching or there was a lot of discharge to clean up. It cleaned me better than paper, relaxed everything back there before BM, caused no irritation even though it felt like scratching the itch, and the heat helped speed the healing. I also sat on a heating pad whenever I was sitting. I was finally able to keep it from getting worse, I could stop the itching without rubbing it, and it sped up the healing without having to spend hours in the bathtub.

6) Took stool softeners. They really help. But READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. I take 3 pills an hour or two before bed, which causes a BM right when I wake up so I can use the shower to clean up. I once took one too many, thinking it would make it extra soft, and had a week of explosive diarrhea, which destroyed all my progress. If you follow the directions, they really help.

7) Drank a lot of water every day, especially if I’m exercising. Water makes the contents of your guts like wet slop that can actually move. It’s like if you need to put oatmeal down the drain, it’s easier if it’s wet. Getting zero calorie water enhancer at safeway or walmart helped. It’s zero calorie flavoring that makes me drink way more during the day.

8) Limited alcohol and smoking, both of which are dehydrating.

9) Took probiotic pills. This overall seemed to help my digestion.

10) When on the toilet, made sure to never force it out. I only tried when I definitely needed to go, and helped it out by gently rocking back and forth. No straining involved.

11) I'm sure I'm forgetting many little things I did also. Basically, anything that helps your overall physical and mental health will probably help too. Being really stressed out hurts your digestion. I noticed it was always worse when I was stressed.

So that’s basically it. I’m finally healed, but I don’t see myself going back to my old lifestyle. If I do, the problem will return, and I don’t mind being in such better shape. My wife isn’t complaining either. It was frustrating waiting for all this stuff to work, and it really sucked when I had setbacks, but it got much easier once I could see it was working.

I hope this helps. Good luck. There is a solution.
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Re: My cure: many small changes that helped

Postby Omgkillmenow » 27 Jul 2018, 22:31

Thank you for all the tips! I am glad to hear there is hope
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