My Fissure is finally healing but still worried, need help

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My Fissure is finally healing but still worried, need help

Postby berzerker5220 » 22 Aug 2019, 13:59

Day 4 for me on Milk of Magnesia, working like magic. Everything is insanely soft you wouldn't believe how soft maybe a bit too soft. LOL as if I could ever imagine myself saying something like that.

8 months of this I met my father last week and explained to him what happened and he told me to use milk of magnesia so I took his advice, had nothing to lose since liquid paraffin failed so did docusate all worthless.

All my pain is now completely gone, but I am not letting that fool me I know the fissure is there very delicate and still healing and just one regular shit is gonna tear it so for now gonna continue with milk of magnesia and Nitroglycerine 0.4% cream I apply it with Qtips and its been fantastic it was compounded with lidocaine so it may also be playing a role in reducing my pain of the fissure so I won't be fooled.

I am gonna continue this method for 1 month straight, that should give the fissure enough time to heal.

8 months of this nightmare is more than enough. HOWEVER now that this fissure has been SO BAD and been recurring over 2 years that means I probably have some sort of pile inside me or something that usually develops with a Chronic Fissure that hardens I forgot what it is called which means the fissure will return probably unless I can somehow find a way to always have a soft shit.

So this palpia thingy that develops and the sentinel pile do they ever go away on their own? I really hope this never returns but I have heard it always returns unless surgery is done.
please help now that I am finally on a real road to recovery what do I need to know? I know the first thing I need to do is continue this regime for 1 month atleast so they fissure can get time to heal.

I remember a few weeks ago when I ate too much chia seeds and it hardened and bulked me and almost killed me you could actually see on the shit itself there was this long cut with blood, I could tell immediately that was some sort of hard bump in my rectum that developed. I am worried about it, will it go away when the fissure is healed?
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Re: My Fissure is finally healing but still worried, need he

Postby Okaybum » 23 Aug 2019, 19:03

It may shrink or it may not. I have heard it go either way. It may flair up from time to time. It's hard to say. Some people go on to have no to minimal troubles.
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