My Journey with Fistula

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My Journey with Fistula

Postby Vats » 12 May 2015, 20:52

Hi Everybody,

This site has given me enough information and strength to take right decisions during an ordeal of over a year. Your help here is much appreciated.

First, let me try getting you upto speed till today... cause I do have further questions and guess a little backdrop would make it easier to give any suggestions.

The Journey:
All started November 2013, when I noticed a dead wasp on a bench i was sitting on... am sure as hell dint feel any prick/sting. I dint have pain except an itch for over a month, then had severe pain and fever for couple of days. I spoke to a GP and he gave me few pain killers. Fever subsided but the pain became excruciating in the next couple of months and having a BM was one hell of an experience. I could feel a deep lump (abscess) and freakishly scared to even touch it.

Couple of weeks later, I found that the lump has ruptured and gave out all the smelly pus and stuff. I felt super relieved and assumed this was the end to this ordeal. However few days later, I still had small amount of drainage and the opening never seem to heal itself. Assumed it takes longer to heal and was out of all pain... For the next 6-8 months I did not have any pain, except for occasional discharge.

I took this more as a nuisance than trouble, I met a Surgeon... who performed a Proctoscopy and concluded that its formed a Fistula tract and needs to be operated. I was taken back by his words but put this on the back burner, given that I had no pain at all and I should say quite averse to getting under a knife.

All was well (I Hoped) till March this year, I started to have similar pain that I felt during the abscess formation and this time around it was just beyond my control. This is when your thoughts helped me look at this in its right perspective. I visited a CRS, initially he said its not a fistula but a sinus as he did not see any opening in the anal canal. He said that the wasp's sting could still be lodged inside and could be the reason for the infection. He suggested getting a scan to confirm things. Was relieved at hearing this and got a ultrasound scan.

The scan report shook me, as I was told that its a fistula having a ring like tract around the anal canal 3/4th the circumference. I went back to the CRS, one look at the report and he said this needs fistulectomy.

Surgery Day:
I fixed my surgery date to on the 9th May 2015, was asked to fast during the night. I assumed it would be a Epidural or General Anesthesia. Was up early, was prepped for the surgery. I was given Antibiotics IM and some pain killer pills. Was Taken to the Operating room, to find a huge labor room kinda setup (It was a little horrific to be in that position with yours legs buckled up). To my surprise, the procedure was to be done under local anesthesia. The doctor gave several pricks of anesthetic, each time deeper. He used an RF device (Thats what he called it) and stained the areas to locate the tract.

The surgery went on for about an hour, after which the doctor said it went well. He had to make a c shaped opening from 3'o clock to 9'o clock at about 2 cms deep around the anal canal and he had made an vertical incision through a minor spinchter muscle. All this tucked under an adult diaper. He asked me to be on liquid diet for next couple of days as he said the incision had sutures which could rupture on BM.

Surprised to see a bright green Pee after the surgery.

Most of the day was spent on Water, Fruit Juices. I was let to go back home in the evening and I crashed......

Day 2:

I have been sleeping all through the day with heavy sweating. I dint muster enough courage to check the operated area. I had my first BM in the evening and it was painful, burning all through.

Day 3:

Visited the doctor for a follow-up, was concerned about heavy sweating and the pain during my BM. He had a look and removed all the dressing. He said its all normal and I could get back to my regular diet. He did not put me on any other pills/drugs. Got a Sitz Bath.

As much I wanted to get back to my regular diet, the pain during my first BM wanted me to continue on Liquids.

Day 4:
Gathered as much courage and started on soft food for breakfast while being on liquids through the day... And was anxious for the BM, as anticipated it was painful and could not manage to be on the potty for over 5 minutes. I have leakage for few minutes after am up.

What seems to be helping me having a BM without much discomfort is when I do it submerged in warm water. Else the pain seems to be very pricky.

That's my tale so far....


1. How long does it take for the incision to heal? as I worry thats whats causing the pain than the Fistulectomy.
2. Is it OK to have my BM in water? Any thing I need to be cautious about...
3. I have been prescribed a long list of medicines, is it ok to be on liquid diet?

I seek your support and as I make it through this journey.... Again, appreciate all your help!
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Scan Report
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Re: My Journey with Fistula

Postby Savaici » 22 May 2015, 12:42

Hope that you are doing well after you surgery. Do let us know, Vats.
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